Online TRT Clinics Being Shut Down?

Local states are also getting involved and implementing their own set of rules for prescribing controlled substances. Some are not allowing out of state physicians to prescribe controlled substances and then limiting the prescriptions to a 30 day supply. They are just making it more difficult by making sure the provider is in the state and has a physical location and sees the patient in person. This isn’t just about testosterone and the anabolic steroids that are being provided by online clinics but also the ADHD telemedicine clinics have gotten a lot of press. It for the most part is going to shut down telemedicine as we know it the last couple of years. It will put purely testosterone telemedicine clinics and ADHD clinics out of business.

That’s what I’m speculating as well. Thank you 20yr olds for getting your “hypogonadism” treated online and fucking it up for the rest of us. I hope your gains are awesome and you’re not totally fucked.

If testosterone is a controlled substance, sugar and alcohol which are more harmful to the general public should be as well. It’s now estimated that at least 50% of the population has type 2 diabetes with some doctors saying this number is higher.

I’ll bet the percentage of people with low testosterone, including women are much higher than the people with type 2 diabetes.

Yes, it’s a class 3 controlled substance. Same category as Vicodin.

Yes, they absolutely are and may be the primary reason for the crackdown. Recently a guy on Excelmale, a newcomer to TRT was told by his doctor his height and weight required a large dosage, 66 mg daily, 492 mg weekly!

We had to explain to him this isn’t TRT. The guys feels like sh**!

If this guy has underlining medical conditions, not that these windmill TRT clinics screen for much, this blast can exacerbate them.

The trans women are pushing to make testosterone an unscheduled drug. They have a couple of Senators working with them. Maybe they can save men. Wouldn’t that be ironic?


So the new date of May and not March ?

They’re “men” right? So it would just be men saving men per usual.

The women I work with that are using test to transition are fucking awesome. They see and understand the absolute irony of restrictions placed on testosterone and males.
That being said though, I have no gauge on the rest of the population.
We are at a point now where everyone gets divided into categories based on personal beliefs. Then those different categories each get separate rules that do not apply to others.
Missing the equality here, hows that work again?

Old angry man out!

I’m not positive, but I think the two Senators are Edward Markey and Elizabeth Warren.

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Well, so much for test getting off the controlled substance list

In the UK, women can walk into a pharmacy and buy estrogen pills over the counter to treat menopause.

Thats the irony of the whole issue.

Access to feminizing hormones without restrictions.

Visiting is on my 3 year plan to do list, and I’ll definitely be going out into the nightlife.

Thanks for the heads up! I’ll be doing the “Crocodile Dundee” test before any snogging.

I was thinking about switching to trt nation . com
Will they get shut down?

That’s who I’m with. Yes. It will effect them. They’ll have to perform an in-person visit before prescribing test.

And not only that it looks like you’re going to have to have a physical location with a DEA license in the state that the patient resides in

All telemedicine clinics will be shut down unless they have a physical location and then it appears that they’re only going to be able to treat patients in the state where they have a physical location. It’s just not DEA regulations that are coming down individual states are setting their own requirements as well. But you can blame all of these online clinics like the one you mention along with all of the ADHD online clinics etc.

Agreed. To be honest, most of them (including trt nation) probably need to be shut down. They do more harm than good; they’re essentially a guy in the locker room selling gear. And they’re not even warning patients about these new rules coming down the pipe.

In a few months, there’s going to be a lot of guys royally fucked and scrambling to find local clinics; which will all be back-logged because of the increased demand; and then their pharmacies will be back-logged and not getting people their T on time. There’s going to be a lot of guys with crashes levels for months.

And good luck going to your primary doc with T levels of 1000 and explaining you’ve been doing Replacement therapy from a “legit” clinic called TRT Nation. Your primary doc will want to see the medical records…which you won’t get because they’ll be out of business.


Looks like it has been extended

Telehealth extension: Tucked in the bill is an extension of HHS rules that made telehealth more accessible during the pandemic. But the provision, which extends the flexibility through the end of 2024, falls far short of a push from some lawmakers who wanted to make that flexibility permanent."

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More than just telehealth. The DEA is actively involved investigating online clinics for the prescription of control substances and it’s not just testosterone it’s ADHD clinics as well. The fact that anabolic steroids are being openly offered and prescribed is only making it worse. Also, individual states are getting involved with regard to the prescribing of control substances. So it’s not just about telemedicine it’s about cracking down on out of state telemedicine clinics prescribing control substances. So as an example Hawaii will not allow an out-of-state testosterone prescription now. So you could get a telemedicine appointment in Hawaii the problem is the person you got the telemedicine appointment with cannot prescribe you testosterone.Other States are following suit