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Online Training

Coach, do your online training programs take into account lever lengths and neurotyping?


Neurotype, yes. Take the test, see who you are and choose the appropriate program.
Levers? Next to impossible to account for.

Yes, I individualise the programs to each client. But at the moment I’m not taking any new clients because I’m expecting a second kid any day now and don’t know what my schedule will look like in the next few months.

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Congratulations! I know how stressful and exciting that is.

I understand. Is there a process to jump on your list somehow? I am interested in starting the second you are able.

Follow up: Is Stephane taking online clients? He is a fellow long-limbed lifter, yes?

Whatever you suggest, coach.

Yes, you can contact him directly via facebook.

you can contact Stef at hungryforvictory@gmail.com