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Online Training Partner Challenge


Hey, I'm looking for an online training partner to communicate with on a regular basis. I no longer have a partner that I work out with at the gym, so this would be something where we can hold each other accountable to work hard, make gains, keep updated on stats/weights/etc. It would also be something that would enable us to have some kind of contest or challenge occasionally to keep everything interesting. Longest farmers walk with heavy dumbbells, most weight added to bench max, most increased number of pullups etc. Anything is cool, as long as it's positive and we can hold eachother to our goals.

right now i'm 6'4" 195 9%bf.
Bench max 245
Squat max 275
Deadlift 375
Pullups 22

working to gain muscle mass and generally get thicker, increase squat numbers, dl over 400, and keep bf under 10%.
If you're in a similar place, or if this just sounds cool, post your stats and maybe a challenge that you'd like to work toward.