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I'll introduce myself, my name is Benigno Uria. I live in Spain and I've been a T-Nation reader for several years now. And I'm a bit obsesive-compulsive with my training log.

As I wanted to practice a new web technology I started making an online training logs service for myself. It grew (I have finally been 5 months developing it)and now I'm making it available for anyone.

It's fully functional but in Beta (testing). It would be of great help if some of you would use it and tell me your opinions.

The url is: http://www.lifterlog.com

You can see a fake example at http://www.lifterlog.com/beni

It's free and it's always gonna be. If I get enough users maybe I'll put some ads to help me with hosting costs (I'm a student ergo I'm poor).

I think it can be usefull for you too, specially the graphical reports part.

Thank you in advance for your help...



This is probably the awesomest thing I've ever used. There was just a thread in the strength forum about log software and I was a die hard excel user, right up until the point I put my data into this.

My only complaint is I use Mozilla Firefox on a Mac and even after downloading the Adobe plugin, I can't get the reports to work. I'm assuming thats a pretty cool feature to use too.

Good work!


Most impressive Benigno, seems to work fine with the adobe plugin in Maxthon fine.

My favourite price as well!




Just one comment though. Can you make it so that the current day is highlighted on the calendar?

That is all for now. I have only been on it for a few minutes. I will let you know if I have any other suggestions. Everything looks great though! Very professional!




I assume you are using a Firefox version prior to 1.5. Since version 1.5, SVG is implemented natively in Firefox, no plugin needed. I recommend you an upgrade, though I have not tried on a Mac.

Opera has full SVG native support since version 9 too. Internet Explorer will probably never have because Micro$oft will try to impose its own standard. But who uses iE nowadays? (85% of users disfortunately)


I just checked and I'm running I'll try again and see if I'm doing something wrong.


Also, it's weird that you say it runs SVG natively because the only reason I downloaded the plugin was because it told me to, saying it needed the plugin. I don't think it should do that.

Other then my personal problems with that one feature, I really, really like the program.

I guess it would be nice if you could use your highest training lift to calculate your percents ex post facto, or even input your 1RM somewhere and let it extraploate for you.



I'll try to replicate your problem in a Mac. Maybe it's not the SVG support but the mechanism I use to detect it, as it uses VBScript wich maybe is not supported on Mac.

Thank you. Your feedback is very helpful.


You sir,

You know your audience.

P.S. This is so awesome.


Very cool, thanks a lot.


Alright guys, it'd be cool to use the "buddy" feature for the other people in the "community".

My screen name on Lifterlog is the same as this one, conorh. Feel free to add me or whatever.

If you guys use this, what are you screen names?


You've got my attention. This is something we are working on as well, altho (as with anything else) there a million different ways to do everything on the web.

Anyway, checking it out and preliminarily it looks pretty cool. May take this offline to discuss in more detail.

Nice work so far!


Thank you for all your recommendations.

Next version will have:

  • Today highlighted in calendar
  • Reports will be able to show intensities bigger than 1RM (conorh I saw this on your log)
  • I'll try to make reports function on Firefox 1.5 on Mac. Though I can't find a Mac to use. I'll have to guess.
  • Some minor bugs corrected.

And looking at it with some users I think community will be more helpful if I show the users who logged something recently, not the last ones to sign-up wich are the less interesting ones.

And I'll try to do something with the program creation interface as I've seen some of you creating programs consisting only of a comment when they should be a template for the training sessions. Maybe you didn't see the "new session" button, I'll have to make it more apparent for the next version.

Thank you, all.

Hope you use it. It gets more interesting when you have many sessions logged so you can plot your progress.


Very impressive.

Good job. I can't wait to work out tonight so I can start plugging stuff in. :slight_smile:


Just tell you I updated LifterLog to a newer version today. Fixed some bugs and tried to make the Community section more useful.

Keep the opinions coming.


BTW: You can see my log at www.lifterlog.com/beni


very cool, thanks!


Wow! This is really cool. I'll try it out and be sure to give you some feedback. So far it looks like a very useful program.

Thanks for putting in the time!


OK, so I've been entering a program and I think I found a glitch. I entered the first 2 weeks, then I duplicated the program for weeks 3-4 of my routine. The exercises are the same but the rep scheme changes. But after I duplicated it I couldn't edit the program sessions. It would not let me.


Another comment -- I tried to enter a training day into the log. But I cannot add additional sets for a particular exercise. I can only add additional exercises!

By the way, my user name is BrianC.

Again, thanks for your hard work on this project.


Another note (sorry I have so many comments) is that the program does not accept certain punctuation marks. It will cut off anything you write with &,;,* and some other punctuation, even in the comments section.