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Can anyone suggest an online training service that puts together workout routines and diet plans online?

I was using Marc McDougal / FitPort for a while but he's recently gone MIA and hasn't replied to my email in almost 2 weeks.

I'd prefer if this person was incredibly intelligent (a la Marc) and can give me respected, enlightened opinions on recomping/fitness. Also, someone who insists on tracking body fat as a metric of success is a must.

Any ideas, suggestions, friends? Included detail about why they don't suck is appreciated.

EDIT - To be fair, I'm completely satisfied with Marc's work, so far. I've been working with him for a year+ and he's been great. He's been a little tough to get ahold lately, but that's just something recent. He's just finished a move, for what it's worth.

As for not getting back to me for almost 2 weeks, he just replied and claimed to have problems with his email client and he'll get back to me ASAP.

That said, I'm still curious what other options do exist out there for this sort of thing.


Really?! That sucks. I've actually been emailing back and forth with him the last few days, and he seemed like a pretty dependable guy, but what do I know, I wasn't paying for his services. I'm sure you could find quite a few competitors who take online clients.



He could have lost the email among many others he gets?

I would be mad to if I were paying.


I've found most are pretty much working from templates and slotting your name and stats into them with a little bit of q and a and personal touch thrown in. If theres a trainer you like, in my opinion you are best to buy one of their programs and tracking progress as that is for the most part what they are recommended anyway.

I say this having used a couple of the "bigger names", id prefer not to name them publicly though as i wanted COMPLETELY disappointed with what they did, in fact i WAS quite happy with the results, but could have quite easily got the same thing from buying their system as thats largely what it was.

Now if you have access to one in person i think it may be a different story.


Ah, thanks for the feedback. I've had great results with Marc so far, I'm sure some of the more experienced out here pick up a little change on the side by putting together customized routines and diet plans, no?


Send me a PM. I'll take a look at your situation.

I think if you read through my forum (Synergy93), you'll see that I am a very seasoned vet of the iron game, with a professional athlete back ground, as well as a very in-depth knowledge of body transformation.

I can give you more information, if I hear from you.


That sounds like an opportunity too good to miss.


I hired Shelby Starnes 1 week ago, for the reasons you outlined......... can't say I have anything to complain about........ eating all the meals would be my main one !

$300 for 12 weeks - is pretty cheap & he won't have you spending half the world on excess stuff you don't need.

He was doing an offer last night for $250 for 12 weeks or $300 for 15.......perhaps he may extend it for another 24 hrs :slight_smile:


Tell him Stephen sent you from T-Nation.

Best Wishes whatever you end up doing.