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I am possibly shopping for new online trainer, I have seen great gains with my current trainer but as of late he seems to be absent, IMPOSSIBLE to get a hold of, and I am beginning to question my program with him, plus his commitment. I was fortunate to stubble across him, because I have no idea on how to even start to look for ppl that are qualified for this sort of work.. I am competing in the OCB this year which is a "Natural" federation. I in the next few years plan to compete in the NPC which isn't so I am looking for qualified nutritionist/trainer to help with offseason and contest prep. Supplemention in this federation and in the next one as well would be great to since I am a novice there as well.. Just a poke in right direction would be greatly appreciated I would do the leg work from there...

Height: 6'1
Weight: 183lbs
Bodyfat : 6 percent

Thanks in advance for the help!


wouldnt "doing the leg work" include using the search function on your internet browser to look up some trainers?


Ya, that true and I have names like Hany Rambod, Layne Norton, and others have come up.. Bascially I was more looking for trainers that ppl on these forums believed were good..Websites can be so decieving.. Promise more then they deliver.. You know what I mean.. Plus I am not sure which trainers would be good for what I need some don't even want to touch natural competitors. So I am not taking this lightly I have done searches, I just really feel overwhelmed by the amount of trainers there are out there and would like feedback on what the community felt about some of their faves or experience with some.


I've never used him but shelby gets rave reviews from people on this site an other sites


You're honestly 6% right now? before a prep, or did you just come off of a cut?



Just came off a cut, but I am about 6 months out...So like I said not sure what s going on... I stay pretty lean year round tho to be honest


Who is your current trainer? Are they an online trainer too? You mentioned Layne's name - he's certainly got the results both for himself and for other competitors - any reason why you wouldn't trust a name like Layne's?


I've been with Shelby for almost 8 weeks now and really pleased with how he approaches things and the results as well.

He is good to go for 100$/ month and I would easily pay double to work with him. It is really nice to let someone who knows his stuff take care of training and diet, and focus on executing them..instead of having Diet and training ADD.


I've heard a lot of good things about Shelby, I'd go with Layne though.


I am certainly not saying I would not use Layne at all.. I'm just wondering if there is any info the perhaps ppl who have worked with him have.. Got some good reviews on Shelby.. How up to date is he with his clients? Like how much time do you get with him for you 100 a month, does the program change bi weekly and everything and does it include any posing help and such? Same questions for Layne, does anyone know what his prices are like? Thanks for all the great suggestions so far!!!


Are you looking for results, or just entertainment?

If the latter is the case, might I suggest Disneyland...

Shelby is good at what he does. Several people on this site have worked with him/are working with him... But it seems most of them did that mostly for fat-loss...

No idea about Layne.

If I really wanted to spend money on someone to teach me stuff/train me (i.e. everything, not just dieting down), I'd go with Dante or Justin Harris... Don't think either of them coach people anymore though, or maybe I'm wrong there.


Ya totally want results, I am really committed and looking for someone who takes this as serious as I do... I am not sure if I touched on it but I am competing in May and then through out the season in the natural area, would like to snag my PRO card for the OCB and then go to the non tested areas of comp. So i would prefer a trainer that handled both well. But I can assure you this is not just a whim. I will look into both tho for sure, thanks for the heads up on those two tho. Like I asked tho, with Shelby what is typical month like is 100 for just one month program and diet? Or does it change and what not? I have my weakness and can take pics and such, calves and biceps bascially small muscle groups, also having some serious problems posing my abs. They are there when I am relaxed and just hanging out, when I pose them however they just wash out. My obliques come in great lol, the abs just get flat, so I need some serious help from a dedicated trainer.


I sitll don't understand why you've not mailed them and asked THEM those question you ask us. Tell them your situation and ask what they can do for you.

Then it all comes down to:
- Trusting the guy even if his program maybe not be what you expected or what you considered to be a good rpgoram, but they are few levels above you, so, you basically should pay money, shut the hell up and do what they say to a T. Collect the results. Make momma proud.

It also seems like you are looking for a babysitter. THey are there to get you results, not to clap you on the head and say "good work bro".

I'm stupid as **** and ask trillions of questions... I never had any issues with timing of questions/answers with Shelby.


Check your PM's


Any pics?


Hany Rambod


Wow over-whelmed with all the help and ppl posting so far THANK YOU ALL... Pics I have just on vacation at moment for Thanksgiving and away from pc that has pics. So I could post soon if still requested. As far as Hany Rambod, I have heard AMAZING things, I hear hes more slective with his clients and seeing as I am not anywhere near being an NPC or IFBB pro, I doubt he would have much interest in someone like myself. As far as the other post I am not worried about following something to a tee, your attitude is that people you don't know may not be as HARDCORE as you or something, not helpful.

Again the question and reason for my post is to find a trainer that is dedicated to his clients and not impossible to get hold of, and someone who gets results. I'll ask questions, I am a novice and humble, if I was pretending to be something else where would this thread have come from? So far, unless I am mistaken about Hany Rambod, the trainers that everyone has great faith in have been Norton and Shelby.. Can any ppl who have worked with those two get in touch with me or tell me about them some more? Again thanks for all the help so far.


What package did you choose?


Ari-Gold: Lean gains.

OP: are you reffering to my attitude? I do fail to see where i give that illusion and you should drop the act of "humble" right there. You want US to do your research for you while you are on vacation? When I thought of hiring Shelby I went out of my way to contact people he works with, plus contact him and see what he can do for me.


It wasnt a matter of research it was a question of if you would recommend him or someone else as a trainer. Did I say he call him ask if he would like to work with me? NO! I was asking for ppl experience with some of these, hard concept to grasp I guess. Since I have stated it at least twice for you.