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Online Trainer/Coach to Aid Fat Loss?


I am looking to find someone who would like to be my online trainer and coach. just someone who is willing to swap emails etc and give good advice on my work plan and food plan.

any takers


Unless you're looking to invest some money into your progress and actually hire someone, your best bet is to just ask your questions here on the forum, like you have previously. Lots of smart guys floating around ready to offer info.


Thanks for the reply Chris. I know it was a bit cheeky to ask but there is so much information around my head is spinning. lol.

Can you help?

I weigh 266 lbs - Food wise i'm eating healthy, limiting carbs and upping protein whilst keeping an eye on calories and trying not to consume more that 1500 per day.

Training wise - using 2 dumbbells 7.5kg each (for now) 5 sets of 15

Mon - Legs and shoulders
Tue - Burpees, mountain climbers and oblique twist followed by HIIT routine on cross trainer for aprox 20 mins.
Wed - Abs, chest and Back
Thur - Burpees, mountain climbers and oblique twist Followed by HIIT routine cross trainer for aprox 20 mins.
Fri - Biceps, triceps and fore arms.

What are you thoughts on this?

What would you do differently?

Thanks for any advice you can give



anyone else have any views


For a guy your size, even if you're currently on the fatter side and trying to drop some size, that's pretty low calorie. A very general rule of thumb is keeping things somewhere around 10 calories per pound of bodyweight, to avoid kicking the body into "low calorie starvation panic mode."

However, if you've been seeing consistent progress with fat loss and inches lost, adjust things slowly. The general outline of your plan (higher protein, lower carb) is a very reliable method of fat loss.

First instinct, someone your size with your goals doesn't need an arm day. It's almost a waste of a training session. I'm not saying to avoid arms, but tack it onto the end of a "bigger" workout. The bodyweight cardio work is a good idea, but lifting for 5x15 is a good way to tell your body "Hey, I don't need to build or keep muscle, so go'head and burn it so I end up flabby."

Honestly, it might be a crap answer, but I'd invest in a gym membership or a few more supplies for the home gym absolutely ASAP. That'll open up more options to get a better routine in place.


Hi Chris,

     I have taken on board what you have said about the diet and tagging the arm exercises on to other workout sessions and I will do this.

Also the join a gym answer isn't a crap answer at all, its a brill bit of advice. - I would love to do this but I can not afford at the moment. Since writing on this forum I have got my hands on more weights for my dumbbells and purchased a barbell so I do have more weight to play with, 50KG( play with in the loosest term, I know I have be careful)

Also you said "lifting for 5x15 is a good way to tell your body "Hey, I don't need to build or keep muscle, so go'head and burn it so I end up flabby."

I don't want to be flabby and I do want to build and keep muscle, so what can I do differently???

Thank for taking the time out to give me all the advice!


Generally, you want to use a weight that's challenging enough to limit you to 10-12ish reps per set, sometimes lower into the 6-8 range, or below. You should be approaching failure around that point, but not quite hitting it like you can't move the weight another inch.

Now that you've picked up some more weights you definitely have more options to get a better designed routine together. It'll still be tough with such limited equipment, but if you can do the basics (squat variations, deadlift variations, overhead press, lying/flat press, row, etc), you can get a solid program together.

Something like EDT is also good to consider because you squeeze the most out of a few exercises, and because it forces you to push the pace, it can be great for fat loss:


Thanks Chris,

I have read the article and I am looking forward to putting together a work out plan.

Thanks for all the advice.