Online Ticket Sales

Does anyone know how online ticket companies get around scalping laws? The cheapest superbowl tickets have a face value of $350.00 and are on sale on line for almost $2,000. I was under the impression it is illegal to resell a ticket over face value or a predetermined amount over face value in most states. Have they found loopholes to get around this, or do law enforcement agencies just not care? Could the NFL still be the original seller even though they have stated no tickets are on sale to the general public. Just curious, a guy at work and I are trying to figure this one out.

It’s usually tied in with something. I remember when the marlins went to their first world series. In order to get 2 tickets, I had to buy this $1200.00 commemorative pen & pencil set. It came with 2 tickets and a limo ride. Needless to say, I passed it up.

you coulda got a pen and pencil!!!

Someone or a personalized white envelope! If you buy the personalized white envelope, you will recieve two free tickets to Ohio state V Michigan. I actually saw this on e-bay! However the superbowl tickets don’t seem to be tied in with anything.

They probably operate where they don’t have those laws. I guess the NFL doing it wouldn’t be too crazy though. I saw where the Chicago Cubs were scalping there own tickets by selling large amounts of them for higher than face value through a ticket broker owned by them. Talk about no appreciation for the fans.

There are a number of states where it is not illegal to scalp tickets, such as Wisconsin (as I understand it). These states attract ticket brokers who buy large quantities of tickets or get them through hidden chanels and then sell them back to the public. The NFL cannot prevent anyone from selling their tickets at a higher rate because of the “first sale doctrine,” which says you cannot put restrictions on something after you have sold it. So just like GM can’t stop you from selling your car, neither can the NFL stop you from selling tickets (barring some legislative allowance).