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Online strength competition

I think this will just provide everyone with some added fun in to their training and to gauge how everyone’s training is coming along.
I think we should make up about five events that we can all do either in a gym or at home.
I was thinking something that would test all aspects of the body and the person with the highest total will win a cool prize, possibly a sweet shirt that I can design or whatever.
What do you guys think?
I’d like some suggestions about different events but here’s my five:
Bench Press OR Military Press (for max weight)
Chin Ups (underhand grip so everyone can do this exercise, for max reps)
Max curl (most weight, 1 curl + yes you can cheat but lets keep that to a minimum)
3 rep squat (one rep might be too much for those who don’t squat in a cage or without a spotter, I figured three would be safer)
Chin Up bar Hang (thus far I’ve covered the shoulders, chest, back and total body now we need to test the grip). Hang from a chin up bar (with a double overhand grip) for the longest time possible.

These are my pics, anyone else wanna put some in? I think this’ll be fun.


I personally think the max curl idea is silly, but I’m sure others might like it.

I like squats, but if you are concerned about spotters or cages maybe you should substitute deadlifts.

And how would you even judge this contest?

Why in the world would opt for a curl over a deadlift?

Good idea hulk, but how would you keep it honest? post pics maybe?

Hey guys,
I’m all for a deadlift believe me, ask Steele, I LOE the deadlift, I’m just thinking about the mini comp appealing to everyone, beginners and veterans. I thought if we had a deadlift then we should toss the squat but that’s up to everyone, should we make it like this then:
Press - bench or military

Chin Ups (max chins)

Deadlift (max weight)

Squat (max weight)

Grip Hang (longest hang time possible)

Sound better or?


i don’t see the real value in grip hang or whatever you call it. that’s like saying, ok, lets do forearm curls or something. what if you get a really fat guy who can’t hold on long, but he can deadlift a TON? well, i guess that gives the poor skinny bastards an advantage… maybe we can leave that one in :wink: now, the chinup hang would be better, but still not that big of a deal. sounds like high school gym class, LOL.

go for the big ones. squat, deadlift, chins, bench, and if you really want, how about one arm dumbell curl with your back on the wall or something, so NO cheating. just my two cents :wink:
i suck at curls anyway.
are we gonna have weight classes? cuz no way i’ll win anything with all these big boys around…


what about powercleans? or, since form would undoubtedly be disputed, just make the task to get as much weight as possible from the floor to one’s chest and hold it there for a second. Also there should be some test of just lifting a weight from the floor to over one’s head, in any way you can do it. These seem to me like the best tests of overall strength.

I also like the power clean but I originally wanted to keep this quite simple, but it’s obvious that I can step this up a bit.
Here’s what I think it should be:
Power Clean and Overhead pres (for reps, your body weight on the bar).

Squat (for max weight)

Deadlift for max weight (straps NOT allowed)

Chins (bodyweight for reps) overhand grip.

Deadlift hold - 315lbs double overhand grip . Longest time possible.
Obviously this can be modified for lighter guys but anyone over 200 can do this.

This is the online comp that I’d originally wanted to post (well, I did want to toss in either the bench or the anyway overhead press).


I like the power clean but I don’t like the strict press too much. mabe a push press or jerk, whatever lets you put the most weight overhead.

1)power clean + press, jerk, etc(max)


3)chins(weight or reps)

4)deadlift(max)no straps

5)Power Snatch(but I am bias,OLer)

other options:
Vertical jump
broad jump
front squat

Looks sweet.

Anyone else like the standard?


I like it, but I honestly think we can forgo the squat: while judging is a huge problem in and of itself, the squat seems like it would be the most controversial to judge, with the power snatch (who is going to call a “press-out”) coming in second. I would simplify it to various phases of pulling weights off the floor: deadlift, powerclean, lift from floor to overhead. Through in the benchpress if you want to make more people like the contest.

In any event, these are only suggestions; I do not know if you are planning to run this competition or what, but I will certainly follow it if it happens, whatever lifts you choose.

When I saw RAGINGHULK I could only think of BIGCONAN from a few years ago. I was waiting to hear about an argument about a tiger and a bear in a battle royale. Thanks for having an insightful, intelligent post using the english language. Although, those BIGCONAN threads were some of the best I have ever read.

Knobbers… That’s perfect!! Although I’d like to see also test endurance/athleticism. Run a 40 or 100 yard dash, cone drill or shuttle run. I was going to say a one armed snatch until I saw a videoclip of Brad C. doing 135 like nothing after a long workout…

There also has to be weight classes… lol… Damn, we’re making this too complicated.

sorry, count me out guys. this is way over my head! Literally. good luck on whatever you do. i’ll judge the photos :wink:

Okay all so I guess here’s the events:

Max deadlift

Max squat

Max Power Clean & Press (anyway overhead)

Max bodyweight chins

And some type of hold either a barbell hold for longest time (you decide say either 225 or 315 (no straps allowed an must be double overhand grip). Or hanging time hold.
If using the barbell hold the bar cannont be resting on your quads. This comp is about personal progress so LET’S ALL BE HONEST PLEASE!!!




Maybe you should find out how many would want to compete in it at all. As for myself, I had just figured I would follow what other people did and see how my progress compared on my own. That is, I had not planned to formally “compete”, largely because of some injuries that prevent me from doing all the lifts.

If you can not get a crowd to do this thing right now, perhaps you could just start on your own, post a record of your progress, and others might join you.

How bout competing in a real powerlifting meet and we can compare totals in PLUSA?

Amen to that , Goldberg. Anybody can post numbers on the internet… it takes balls to lay your ass on the line for everyone to see in a meet. Additionally, you will meet a hell of a lot of great people at a powerlifting meet. There is no better sport I know of that generates the camaraderie you will see between powerlifters.