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Online Steroid Suppliers

Ok, I know every one is gonna say the same thing… No I’m not new to gear, yes I already have a cycle, no I’m not a cop. The problem i have is that I just moved, and the guy I was working with before I moved is no longer handling juice. So the problem I have is going online for a supply. I’m freaked out about these “Eastern Block” internet suppliers trying to get you to send them Western Union checks to PO Boxes in Russia.

There have got to be some real suppliers in Canada or Mex that will ship at the buyers risk. I’m not ok with sending random money, not nearly as much as I am with having my stuff confiscated at customs. At least then I know where it went, its like giving money to a bum to buy “lunch” You don;t really know whats happening with your cash.
Any one have any suggestions? I’m looking for a North American pharmacy that will ship to the US.