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Online Sources - Rant


This is mostly a rant, but has anyone ever lost a source for gear and turned to the world wide web to try and obtain AAS?? It is a total cluster f&*$... Seems like every lab/ online pharmacy has people saying it's great stuff while other swear it's a scam. This is extremely frustrating... I'm surprised people even bother to buy online with all the scams out there. Even some of the well known names have people saying their stuff is bad, then others saying they used to be good now they're bad, while others swear that they were good went bad but are now selling good shit again. Am I the only one that has gotten completely frustrated when attempting to purchase gear online??

What techniques did others here use when deciding to purchase from an online pharmacy to decide if they are legit. I'm not asking for websites, please do not post sources, but what do you guys look for when searching for a new source online??


this is an open forum. meaning the things people look for.. they probably dont want widely known. One, they dont want that info getting into the hands of someone trying to crack down on online pharmacies and we dont want scammers to know what is looked for because then it'd be hard to find out legit ones vs scammers. What I can say.. the best way to do it is to make a couple small orders and see what happens.



FYI I am not trying to be an asshole.. I am just giving you the reasoning behind you getting no replies.



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Don't worry about it man you don't sound like an asshole. I understand people don't wanna give up their sources, I didn't mean to come off as if I was asking for sources. I was more hoping for tips, like how people find pharmacies. BBB gave some good advice but I considered that but I wouldn't wanna try a sample of something unless I had the full cucle with the pct's and AI's otherwise what if it does work but iwhen I order the rest it gets seized by customs. I would be screwed...

Frustration continues. I appreciate the responses. I may have to just risk it, and purchase from a source I feel somewhat comfortable with.


Test is cheap, if you buy one or two vials, thats enough for a solid two weeker, (assuming 0.5 grams per 10mL) You could get away with just nolva for estrogen control since the cycle is so short. This would keep the cost down and you would definately know if it was real.


Re: make a few small orders... I think what BMC meant was:

Do some research online and find, say, 3 sources that you think are/could be legit, then place a small order with each of them and assess the quality of the gear from there.


Thanks... I'll try that, I appreciate the help.



A lot of sources have a "minimum" order, usually in the neighborhod of 200 bucks


what i did was try and find a source while i was educating myself on aas. figured i had months to find a source since i'd be learning for as long. found many, many sources and with each one i thought looked good i researched the hell out of them looking for both positive and negative reviews. needed to have many positive reviews before i'd even consider them. there are some very good pay sites out there that allow source talk.


I just got lucky with my very first order, after I got a couple orders seized. I thought maybe they are recognizing the packaging, and I tried a few others and got ripped EVERY TIME!!! GOOD LUCK! I never know what to believe! I live on an island and it is seems to be VERY easy for customs to seize my shit, (I assume, since they don't have many packages to search compared to the mainland)


I'd be more inclined to listen to the people who are calling scam.
Just google the name of the supplier + 'scam' and see how many hits you get.


I just steer clear of those sites.


eh this one in particular has that same minimum, but indeed has come through every time. I suppose is a hit n miss


I guess I am stupid or uneducated or both....cause I cannot find any "pay sites" and frankly unsure how to search. Anyone who can PM me one, or something that it ryhmes with, would be much appreciated!!