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Online Software For Meal Planner?

I was wondering if anybody might now of a program or an online version that you are able to custom design a meal plan based on the desired macronutrient ratios and have it automatically generate a meal plan?

For me i would need 205 Carbs, 205 Pro and 45 Fat total for 6 meals a day. I have tried to do searches but nothing really comes close that allows the program to design a meal for you.

I am currenty using bally online nutrition but they are giving me 50 to 60 percent carbs i would like to have a 40 pro 40 carb 20 fat

I looked at Fitday, FMP,and a couple of others that just done do what i need. Any help would be great…

Use the bally online one and just give yourself more of the one food and less of the other. Any type of program like that sounds as if you need to pay for a nutritionist.


Select Advanced Search. You can choose “lower” or “higher” for a food component and then do a bit of math to select. A tab on the left has meal collections you can select low-carb/low-sugar and find some recipes including time to cook.

This site used to have a search section where you could type in the numbers you wanted (e.g. what O.P. asked for) and get recipes that matched. Unfortunately, they changed their search function to what you see now. Too bad…it was a great search feature.

i’ll try to give the bally online a shot. I really didn’t want to go to a nutritionist if i didn’t have to. As for meals for you i’ll take a look at it. Thanks for all your help