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Online Shipping Success


The more I read on here, the more surprised I get. It just seems so strange to me that anyone ordering online would receive their product from an international source. Perhaps it's just because I am used to Canadian customs that I find it so surprising. Here they can open any package they want for any reason, and they usually do. Thinking back over the last couple of years, I would say the vast majority of items I've ordered have been opened.

And by items, I just mean things from Elite, Ebay sellers, etc. Nothing sneaky. If anyone from Canada, US, or even Australia could comment, I would be much appreciated. I'm not asking for sources here, just want to know if I'm paranoid or not. Thanks in advance.


I've ordered supplements from the US in the past (though I'd probably put up a shrine to Tim and TC if they opened a Canadian branch) and received them without a problem. Never had a problem with other orders, either; dumbbell handles that hold Olympic plates, books of all kinds, etc.

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All that said, I'd be twitchy about ordering anything illegal across the border. Granted, our security's pretty shitty, but as you pointed out, they can (and do) open whatever the hell they want. Under the current government, that doesn't bode well.


Most of the stuff I've ordered from overseas has been opened - books, gadgets, etc.

A while ago, I tried to beat the local prices by ordering protein powder from abroad (including shipping it was still cheaper!) but I lost it to quarantine as it contained egg protein...that wasn't listed as an ingredient on the site I ordered from. cry


Exactly. Which is why I have been surprised when I have seen other Canadians say they have ordered AAS over the internet without a problem. I'm not concerned about them opening my protein powder, though I do get sick of crazy duty, but I am concerned that if ordering anabolics, the shipment would be seized. Not really worried about jail as they probably would just send a notice saying that the item was illegal and that it would be destroyed but I would still be out all that cash.


I've ordered lots and lots of stuff online and I'm Canadian. I can usually tell you what's going to get inspected by customs and what's not, the shipper you use has a lot to do with it.

Shoot me a PM if you want some details on how to avoid legal issues . . . although of course I've never shipped anything illegal across the border. . .



Thanks but I was talking about steroids in particular. I can accept the other postal hassles with regular shipping. What I find odd is that various sites claim to have a 99% success rating with shipping to Canada or the US. It just seems a little odd given customs. I realize now that a lot of folks probably don't want to discuss their success, or failure, on this matter on a public board. With that in mind, anyone who would rather comment in private, feel free to PM me. Thanks again to all.


Im an Australian and we seem to have similar customs issues. Every overseas package i have ever received has been opened and stamped. This is not to say with proper packaging, labeling, etc that things can't get through. They obviously do. However i cant imagine how anyone would be able to be assured of receiving their goods. Let alone just being ripped off.

I have heard of something like ipminitabs or something that supposedly are like tabs of acid that you can get through the standard mail as they are the size of a postcard. Id also imagine essential oil style things can get through. However ive never found non-dealer references for those. Ive never used steroids but have had a look. Its an interesting topic.

I would be too scared to order over the net in your own country. Given the possibility of a sting and gov access to financial data that could come back to haunt you.


There are ways of getting stuff in the mail.
try searching for orals in a different form from normal or injectables which dont come in vials and you'll be on the right track


Get a third party p.o. box


I'm in Ontario and have not yet had any trouble with orders. I use a distributer out of China with no trouble.


Really? See, that just comes as a surprise. It just seems that customs opens most things these days. Are your packages more like padded envelopes than parcels?


I've actually had good success getting things in. I have maybe had two or three items opened of around 100 packages that i've orderd. I too know a site if you would like.


I would love to see an article or statistics on getting things through customs and the variables involved. I doubt it would actually cause change as i am sure that in restrictive countries the reasons particular things that get through are linked to workload and the mass of legitimate items of similar description.


I'm an Australian, and yeah. Customs open pretty much everything. Funny this subject came up. Yesterday I received the first parcel they didn't open (1 out of 20 aren't good odds for ship;ping anything illegal)


hi there, you mentioned in this thread that you have a site, I would love a source. Funny enough, I have pretty much all of the SERMS/pct stuff that I would need, United pharmacies, which I believe is based in the states, sent me two packets of generic tamoxifen, one 10 mg, and the other 20 mg.


Yes that's exactly how they arrive.


My friend ordered "supplements" from Europe and it was siezed. It was his first order ever and the site claimed 99.8% shipping success. Guess he was that unlucky .2%. The company was honest enough to re-send the order free. He's ordered several times since with no problems. Keep the orders small with no doubt it's for personal use and not distribution.


so what happened to him. it was seized, did they (the authorities) not track it back to him?


'paper' bolics and stealth injectables are supposed to be good for international shipping.
otherwise...domestic is nice


Hi. My english is very limited, sorry.

I want buy from Spain, Europe. You know any reseller?