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Online Privacy Warning


There's a site called spokeo.com that's a new online USA phone book w/personal information: everything from pics you've posted on FaceBook or web, your approx credit score, home value, income, age. Remove yourself by searching your name, find the URL of your page, then go to the bottom right corner of the page and click on the Privacy button to remove yourself.


im really confused here



What is confusing was it the title I chose for the post. I am just talking about a website that can be used by anyone to look up just about anyone's online information in the US. It is a compiled list of memberships to websites , any online dating websites they have joined youtube videos , facebook pictures , blog post etc... personally I wouldn't like having all that info readily accesible to anyone who goes on that website.


This is why I (and a few other posters here) have always asserted that people need to be more careful with the shit they post online... even on something generally accepted as more-or-less 'anonymous' like this forum.

Employers already are oftentimes checking Facebook and other social networking sites before hiring prospective employees. While the web site you linked to doesn't provide the information for free, the cost would most likely be considered nominal to most businesses looking to ensure the hiring of the most suitable applicant - if not now, then certainly in a few short years when the technology for tracking people becomes exponentially more effective.

The interweb is becoming increasingly less and less anonymous at an extremely rapid pace, and many people who don't appreciate the data trail they leave behind aren't doing themselves any favors with the way they conduct themselves online. I'm not suggesting that people should wear a paper bag on their head for any and all photos they want to put up... just saying that I wouldn't be at all surprised if some people wind up regretting posting that ass shot of themselves when it pops up on a pre-employment screening.


This is pretty much the exact same shit people voluntarily put on Facebook. Judging by your concern about it though, I'm glad I'm not the only one that still enjoys some privacy in my life haha. Facebook will be the downfall of human civilization hahaha.

Sweet avatar anonym.


Hell my name isn't even Johnny!


I searched myself the other day, it says I own a house I rented 11 years ago, I'm not going to pay for more misinformation just to see but it is concerning.


And I personally know a couple of people who have had offers for employment/internships rescinded due to "failing" the FB background check. My mother works as an HR director for a semi-well-known company and is insistent that my brothers and I be particularly discerning with what goes on our FB pages as SHE has refused to green-light the hiring of employees due to the content of their social network sites.

My "concern" really only goes so far as to not being one of those people whose profile picture is them ripping a bong, using proper grammar and untagging myself from the occasional photo or two. I don't own stock in tinfoil, so I'm not going to go overboard ranting about The Man being out to get anyone. As far as what this particular engine digs up: obviously there are various bits of information that can reasonably be expected to fall beyond one's control as far as protection is concerned, but it certainly doesn't hurt to remember that shit doesn't just vanish once it hits the web.

My guess is that before long the whole address, marital status, estimated income, etc. crap will seem remarkably tame as to what will eventually be available as the software and resources become more sophisticated. Remember Tribunal Dude? I believe HE was able to scrounge up the online and "real life" identities of a few posters back when he frequented this forum (maybe with Oleena, perhaps? He had a grudge against her, if I recall correctly.), and that's just one nut job with too much time on his hands.


Soldiers in the military have gotten in trouble for things they posted on FB as well. I personally don't understand putting something with your real name attached online unless you are ok with EVERYONE (including your boss) seeing it eventually.


When I search my cell phone number:
My income is 130k a year. My house is worth 888k. I'm 39 and female.



For the most part I think it has to do with people not being able/willing to see that far ahead or thinking that because their buddies got away with it they will, too.

For other sites, I would also bet that people oftentimes find a false sense of security in their anonymity by being able to choose the name they show the world... though for some reason they assume their identity will forever remain a mystery even after broadcasting their location, their job, numerous photos with their face plainly visible, their first name (because that's not important), and small other bits of information here and there that can be scooped up by an individual (or, as it's starting to seem, software) who can piece it all together to paint a startlingly accurate representation of the poster.

You see this shit all the time on 4chan - some guy posts a FB profile picture of a girl and within 10 minutes someone has somehow managed to figured out her name and access her profile.


Apparently I am in my 50s (25), I am a Jr. (not true), and my parents house is worth considerably less than what it would sell for. I am only listed under my Fathers/Mothers name. Not cool enough to have my own entry.

Looking up by phone I am Asian (white), 40s, married(single), and have lived in a home for 14years.

According to a e-mail lookup i work in telecom(CORRECT!) in the UAE (US) for a company called Emirates Integrated Telecommunication Company (wrong) and my alma mater is also listed as the company name as well (horrible data collection and parsing)

This is looking highly accurate so far.


I just checked and there isn't one thing right about me on that site.

Then again, i am not into facebook and never signed up for it. The only website that has any personal info is this one and I am not sure you can call what I write here "personal".


I used to work in call centers back in the day and within 5 mins I could have a hell of a lot more info than what these sites provide for $1.25 from our servers containing information all the way back from the first time you signed your signature as an adult. Most of the info online is old and useless but if you have a few hundred to blow verifying info from all these sites then you might get some good stuff.

The internet says I'm 68 and live in Buffalo NY. Lol, more like 30 in Richardson, TX. As long as you don't put up any real info of yourself online then you are good to go. Another way to avoid being and magical internet search by some psycho ex is by never going to court. The second you get some court papers you best believe that your address is going online for anything even a parking ticket.


It's been pretty dead on for some of my relatives in the US. Even ones without facebook.


It has some people totally wrong as well though


Damn. Had two locations for me, both correct, and a picture of my car in the driveway from google images curbside view.

The other income and whatnot was kind f flattering though. Apparently I'm pretty well off.


Wow.....looks like I'm closing my internet accounts earlier than I thought.


How can you view a person's income without having a membership?