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Hey, i am sure there are more than a few american guys on this forum that play online poker but as you may or may not know a bill has been passed to make it illegal in the US.

Obviously this has outraged most poker players and they would all like for the bill to be revoked. With a new government set to take office shortly this is our chance to make something happen.

Barack Obama has a website where you can create and vote on issues that you would like the new government to deal with.

To voice your support on legalising online poker please go to:

and vote up this issue. It takes 10secs to make an account and you can do it with as many email addresses as you like as they allow votes from the same ip.

Also please tell any poker playing friends to also vote on this issue as the more votes we get the greater chance that this issue will get looked at by the new government

You can still play on bodog.

Since the new bill was passed it takes longer to get a payout though and sites like party poker are completely down as far as I know.

I usually play at poker rooms with KGB and his boys.

When did this happen? You have any news links to it?

If this is for real im packing up and moving to Ireland.

the bill is called the UIGEA - Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, it was passed in 2007. This resulted in PartyPoker leaving the US market and now the only sites americans can play on are situated off-shore, Pokerstars and FullTilt being the biggest ones. It relies on the banks reporting people who are using their account for gambling though and as yet they have had an impossible time doing this.

However, due to amendments made in the final hours of the Bush Administration they stipulated that banks must fully comply by December 2009 or face punishment. You can read a much more detailed analysis of the UIGEA here:

This forum should answer any other questions you have but in the meantime please vote.