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Online Pharmacies

there are thousands of online general pharmacies and hundreds of steroid pharmacies in the u.s.
nobody really talks about them, they all just keep it to themself.
once in a while you here of them trying to make it illegal to buy general pharmecuticals from other countries, but here again it is generally overlooked.
we have a bigger problem with illegal illicit drugs like haroin, cocain, mathanphetamines and gangs that deal them.


I have read this over and over and I still can’t get my mind around it. LOL!


There are legit mail-order pharmacies out there. My source is an overseas mop and they are reliable and there gear is what they say it is, there prices are also very good.

My source is also an overseas mailorder and if you look at my post just recently “Dbol/Deca cycle” I have listed what I have to pay. My source is VERY pricey in my opinion. Have been looking as directed at reaserch chemicals and have some emails out with inquiries. If anyone has a known reliable source for accessories (i.e. A-dex, Clomid, Nolvadex, Clen, Cytotec) I would love a PM.

found some good ones have you??


this and many other threads make me wonder…how many juiced men are walkin around? hmmmmmmm. it would be interesting to conduct a honest study. just a thought?

I think thats the sad thing… guys that are walking around juiced and you cant even tell… what a waste

I know its a prohormone, not steroid, but anyone knowing how I could get MAG-10 or something similar in the DC area send me a pm. Appreciate it.