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Online Order Problems

I have been real hesitant about posting on this subject, i know how frowned upon it can be. But i am really frustrated…but i don’t know maybe this is a common thing.

I have placed 2 online orders. My first was in June 08’ and the other was in November 08’. Both times were from international online sources that i thought were legit. Needless to say i got neither order and am out $600.

The money is not that big of a deal, but i hate wasting my time. What i am curious about is if you guys have had success with international orders or more with domestic? I have yet to find an online domestic source, but it seems more logical now.

I don’t know if i should just go the PH route or just keep trying different sources.

Would anyone let me shoot them a PM’s to tell me if the next source i was going to try is legit or not?

If you not i understand. Thanks!

There are some international sources that are ok. There are also some domestic sources online but they are not going to have big flashy easily accesable web sites.

There are steroid source sites you must pay to enter. If money is not a problem this is something you should look into.

[quote]daveybaby wrote:
There are steroid source sites you must pay to enter. If money is not a problem this is something you should look into.[/quote]

I never had any problem finding plenty of legitimate international sources without ever paying a dime for anything but the gear I was ordering.

Sounds stupid to me to pay for something you intend to…uhh…pay for…

No source requests, either, please. I will not give them out.

I used to agree with you Cortes but now I am a believer in one of these sites. Everytime a said source gets busted i know within 24hrs because of this source site. I also know who sends the best gear that is not under dosed or is exactly what I paid for.

Info like that would save a lot of headaches…

Bummer, you have to kinda of know your source before you hand over some funds. Namely through research and asking around. As for the paying to get into the website, sounds like Costco kinda of deal there. Pays us money, so we can allow you to spend more money. Turr, jimmay!

wasnt there just a thread here not 2 weeks ago asking if they could PM for a source check?

this is one of the reasons i love this site!

very much appreciated!

I myself have never used a source check. But, I have already had two sources go down. If the one I use now goes down I am going to give it a go. I have heard nothing but good things about them. For example, (see BUSHMASTER’s post.)

I am a regular source checker too. PM me.


thanks again guys!