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Online Music Downloading


I just recently bought a 20gig iriver jukebox mp3 player. I thought I would start up this thread to see where you guys download your music from online. I would also like to see what tunes you listen to while working out. I have been currently downloading free songs from a couple of bit torrent sites, but the selection has been limited.


IRC mostly, can get albums at 300 k/s, smokinnnnnn
Also use Limewire, pretty good, but have to get songs individually.
Listening to Cuban Link at the moment, usually have a different MP3 CD a month
Black Eyed Peas, Kardinal Offishall, K-OS, new Strokes, The Game and a lil 50 Cent always in rotation.



Try www.thepiratebay.org or dc++ (http://dcplusplus.sourceforge.net/).. =)


try kazaa or better yet spend just 20 or $30 and get the registered version that keeps out the spyware. You have something that lots and lots of other people are using... It also has a feature that keeps you away from legal liability : you are only legally liable by the music companies when you SHARE w/ other people not when you download them.

So, kazaa has a really cool feature that lets you just not let other people download from you.

So for just $20 you can have all the music you like cool deal eh?



Destroys everything I've ever used....eDonkey, Kazaa, Soulseek...you name it....Limewire is free, no spyware, superfast speeds, large user base...you won't be disappointed


Ares is real good for music (not great for videos).

It's quick and easy, with no adware or spyware, and it uninstalls completely (unlike kazaa and morpheous).

I never tried the purchased kazaa though.


how about WinMX ? No spyware with that one... only thing I've tried so it might suck compared to the others.


But there must be a big gang of people liable to get sued or the P2P network would be worthless, no?


www.torrentsearch.com or www.torrentspy.com

And download BitLord. I've downloaded about 15 full albums in the last 2 or 3 days.


I would stay away from the p2p programs like kazaa and winmx and limewire etc etc.. Usually you'll get a crappy file that is either sped up, part of the song but looped, or another file altogether different than what you originally searched for.

Your best bet are Torrents, like suggested above (the pirate bay, or torrentspy)

But first you need a little instruction. I'll assume you know your way around a mouse and the internet so go here first and get this program which enables you to download


(sorry if i was supposed to post that in html, i'm new)

now head over to www.torrentspy.com and search for whatever you desire. Once you find the file you want you'll want to pay attention to the seeders and downloaders. Seeders have the file at 100% and downloaders are well, downloaders. The higher the seeds the more likly the chances of faster download speeds.

After clicking the link you'll see a "download torrent" button. Click it, open the file with "ABC" and thats pretty much all there is to it.

In ABC there is a preference section, under File i believe whereby you can set your desired destination folder.

You get the full album, this is not a place to get individual songs. I must say the time of the individual song download is long passe.

At any rate, you'll find your that the file you downloaded will either come in .mp3 form, which is handy - or in .rar format.

Not to fear .rar is harmless. Head on over to here:
and download the "graphic and command line" install. Now all you've got to do is double click the .rar file that you downloaded, find the extract button at the top and extract the files to your desired destination. The files will now be in .mp3 format.

sounds a little hectic - but if you've got 30 gigs to fill up this will be a lifesaver.


A couple years ago I lucked into a music sharing group. Each member can only share COMPLETE CDs. ALL CDs must be ripped with a specific program. All CDs must be ripped to a specifid standard. All rips must be verified with another program which generates a log file. Log files must be included with each CD.

The quality is fantastic and the hub that the group uses ... is locked. So hopefully, nobody gets it in the pooper for sharing.


But there must be a big gang of people liable to get sued or the P2P network would be worthless, no?

Not sure what you if your making a joke or what ya mean Dan , b/c the music companies dont own the file sharing sites the free ones anyway.


Tyler: sounds intruiging. Does the torrents have any real advantages over the p2p stuff besides better files? only about 10% seem to be bad files from kazaa.

Do the torrents have spyware? can the govmnt pop me in the pooper like that guy said? Why choose a torrent over a p2p?


Oh and i use kazaa for the popularity of the service. Its gotta be the most popular one out there which means that i would have the best selection when i want it. Can the torrents somehow archive files on the site allowing me to download what i want when i want no exceptions?

Buying CD's blows haha


Since disk space is so cheap nowadays, what`s the best place to get 256 kbps or 320 kbps MP3s?



Torrents are devoid of spyware, and basically the file stays on the site as long as someone is sharing it (seeding). So it will always be there for you to search for and download. If I had to compare torrents vs. p2p programs, torrents would win everytime.

You're really putting your computers health in jeopardy when you download and install those shitty p2p programs. You'll always get spyware, its inevitable. Theres really no chance of you getting knicked by the mpaa for downloading. Lately they have tried implementing new "tricks" by hosting their own ripped movies hoping those will download them. Its pretty much a moot point. Download away.


Tyler : ok not trying to argue but to make the best choice possible. I dont use kazzaa right nowbut all i have to do is pay to registe r and then i dont get the spyware . I will get just as many viruses /spyware ore any other junk as any other kind of software if they attach this junk onto the music file i download.

Secondly , that does sound like an advantage that the file stays on the site until people are done w/ it . All in all given everything it doesn't really sound like torrents are superior esp when you consider how many more people use kazzaa. I mean when you are trading , dont go to stuff for the tech-heads, go for stuff that everybody uses and you'll find the goodies that much better.


right, millions of people use torrents aswell - also, don't pay for kazaa, that's silly. SEARCH for the cracked version of kazaa that emulates the purchased copy. You're still making a mistake using p2p programs, but don't say i didn't warn you.


Acquisition or Limewire