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Jewbacca’s comments about Google Classroom being a POS on another thread leads me to ask a question. Is anyone using any online software for their kid’s homeschooling that they really like and think is a quality program?

My wife is a private tutor. She teaches every subject except foreign languages, including the first two years of college physics. She also does a lot of SAT prep classes. Obviously right now her income has plummeted while the kids are shifting to online learning. We are looking to set up the SAT classes online but aren’t sure what platform to utilize. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Not yet. My kiddos school sent home a flex work package in case we missed due to snow which we are now using while they ramp up for online instruction.

Well I had a long post on online learning options before realizing you meant for teaching and not for kid use predominantly? For online kid learning without a teacher I was always most impressed with edgenuity. Far more so than Acellus and Plato which were the other two common ones in this state. But I haven’t looked into that stuff in a few years.

For teaching other kids at least at the high school level the vast majority of schools I’ve worked with in the past use google classroom. That isn’t to say it’s the best and I’ve never actually taught with it. Blackboard is something a lot of colleges use. My guess would be that some of these options that may be better might have fees you aren’t going to want to pay.

We can always roll the fees into the cost of the course. The people around here pay obscene amounts of money to have their kids tutored.

Ok I think that will give you more options. That said I think google classroom is used enough that finding out the answers to your questions on it will be easier than any other one. I’m shipping this link because it popped up when I searched, but I haven’t heard of any of these FWIW with the exception of Adobe Connect.

That isn’t to say they aren’t great programs merely that at least in my state I haven’t heard anyone use them. Grain of salt since the company has them on their own list of best, but seemed like a place to start.


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Nothing helpful to add, just that yesterday my siblings in 6th, 5th, and 1st grade resumed school, through Google Classrooms, and I hate it now as well.