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Online Labwork: What to Check?

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Sadly my new doctor is not onboard with frequent blood work without “good reason”. So I’m looking to possibly go the online route and had a few questions.

Is DiscountedLabs considered a reputable good place to deal with?

Can I get away with the Test/Hematocrit/Estradiol/Prolactin test for Pre/Mid/Post cycle tests? Or do I need more?

Lipid panel I can get with my doctor due to genetic high cholesterol, but probably only a pre cycle and post cycle, not a mid cycle lipid Test.

Thank you for any advice, this is new to me as my previous doctor was okay putting in for labs.

Discount labs is great. Get a full CBC, metabolic and lipid panel from your doc. See if he’ll throw in a full iron & thyroid panel while you’re at it.

Sadly Doctor turned down my request for any lab work.

Any recommendation on everything I should select from discounted labs ? I am almost 8 weeks since PCT finishing. Would love to check everything to make sure I’ve bounced back and ready to run next cycle in July. I feel great, waking up with wood, mentally good, id be surprised if I’m not good to go, but want to make sure.

Are LH and FSH crucial to test for? My understanding is this is what tells me if my goodies are back in action, but if my test levels show up back at 550-600 (base for me), then wouldn’t that tell me I’m good?

I can do the full cbc/lipid/prolactin/shbg ft tt e2 and add FSH LH to that package. Looks about 250 to do all of that.

Or there’s the less expensive tt ft prolactin e2 Test for significantly less.

Not opposed to spending the money to ensure I am healthy. Just don’t want to order more than I need. Thank you in advance.

If you are on TRT already discount labs has a bundle that gives you a deal on the tests. If you aren’t on TRT yet then check out their Pre-trt panel. If recommend getting everything you can afford. Here’s the one for currently on trt:

TRT MALE Hormone/Wellness Follow Up Panel

The panel includes:

  • Total and free testosterone (LC/MS assay. No upper limit restriction)

  • Sex hormone binding globulin

  • Estradiol (sensitive- LC/MS assay)

  • CBC (includes glucose, hematocrit and immune cells)

  • CMP (includes liver and kidney function)

  • Lipids (LDL and HDL cholesterol and triglycerides)

You can add PSA, DHEA-S, DHT, and free T4 and free T3 for a fuller view at your response to TRT.

Type in TRT in discount lab’s search bar and it’ll pull them both up. Another forum excelmale has some good stickies with lab checklists. (Not sure if that violates rules, if so sorry).