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Hey everyone,

First of all, amazing forum you guys have made here. Tremendously valuable and informative. Thanks for all the time you guys have put in.

I’m looking at getting my blood work done, and since I don’t currently have a Primary Doctor I am turning to the online site Direct Lab, and will follow up with a doctor should anything arise.

Does anyone have any experience with these “order online, go to a lab” sites? Any recommendations aside from Direct Labs? Full workup costs about 300 dollars it seems, which is at about the ceiling of what I can afford to do this for.

Testing will be the “10 most important tests” which are:

CWP (Lipids (cholesterol, HDL, LDL, the risk ratio, triglycerides)Complete Blood Count (CBC’s),Fluids and Electrolytesm Thyroid w/TSH,Liver,Kidney,Glucose (Diabetes),Mineral and Bone),Testosterone Total, Testosterone Free, DHEAs, PSA, Estradiol, Homocys, CRP hs, Fibrinogen, HgA1C

Anything else I should get run?

I have used privatemdlabs. You can get the Female Panel for around $60 and it includes most of the things you need. At least a good start to see if you need to dig deeper. The female panel is just the name–it is applicable for males too.

This test: http://www.privatemdlabs.com/lab_tests.php?view=all&show=1032&category=14&search=#1032

? Seems like the only thing missing is Free Testosterone. Is the Serum level enough. I think thats really the only difference between the Female and Male hormone tests aside from the PSA. Might just get that one if the Serum T is sufficient.

Thanks VTBalla

Check out the labs at lef.org


You just missed the for-members annual sale.

KSman, any comment on the Free/Serum testosterone tests? Is the Serum level sufficient, or should I make sure it includes the Free Testosterone as well?

I think just the serum is sufficient if that is all you can afford. You could add in the Free Test on top, but then you are driving costs up. Cost benefit analysis is up to you.

If it were me, I would probably just get the panel, then decide based on those results if I needed to dig deeper. If test comes back at the top of the range, it is highly unlikely your Free T is in the shitter.

Thanks guys, looks like I’m getting my Female Hormone panel checked this week then!