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Online Gear Ordering

Any tips on where I should look to order new Muay Thai Gear? I am searching for something specifically in Canada or the US. Need some Thai Pads and insteps preferably from Raja, Twins or Hayabusa. Thoughts gentlemen? Cheers.

sorry homey, no clue…we usually get our twins gear from a dude that used to train with us and moved to thailand.

hehe i lurk on the steroid forum too much i thought this was going to be about something COMPLETELY different.

Muaythaiok used to be the place not sure anymore.

Try centurymartialarts.com. I have their brand of Thai pads and shin/instep guards and can say that they are excellent quality. Prices are reasonable also.

Mikado 707 east hastings vancouver bc canada

I order a lot of stuff from combat sports international. Amazon.com has a lot of stuff, too. That’s where I got my shin pads.


I’ve got a lot of Twins stuff from this website,( the uk counterpart)

Excellent quality and good selection.