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Online Game Rental Site


I've done Gamefly and it was getting expensive. Right now I have Blockbuster online which I can get 3 games (or movies) at a time for $16.99. I just signed up for Netflix streaming movies, so I was thinking of getting a cheaper online game rental site if there is one mainly because BB doesnt carry new games for a couple to 4 months after they come out.

Are there other options?


Go walk down the street to your video store.


There aren't any. It was pretty much on blockbuster brick and mortars, but they are literally all closed.


I've never used gamefly but I've heard they are pretty bad about getting people newer releases they have in their queue and as far as their cost, they have pretty much no competition any more with Block Buster going out of business.

And since Block Buster B&M locations closing in most locations I'm not sure there are a whole lot of local rental options left unless you have local stores in your area. Maybe red box will start carrying video games (I doubt it but you can hope).


^ Every body keeps saying that about BB. No stores are closing here in Houston.