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Online Flaming

I very rarely post here but I have been a reader for years. Seeing all the flaming that happens, I figured this article I just found may be of interest.

Here is an excerpt

Flaming can be induced in some people with alarming ease. Consider an experiment, reported in 2002 in The Journal of Language and Social Psychology, in which pairs of college students — strangers — were put in separate booths to get to know each other better by exchanging messages in a simulated online chat room.

While coming and going into the lab, the students were well behaved. But the experimenter was stunned to see the messages many of the students sent. About 20 percent of the e-mail conversations immediately became outrageously lewd or simply rude.

It is an interesting read.

No way, that article sucked bawlz, nutnose! Shut yer fukkin’ cockcatcher, fag!

/flame off

Nice article, thanks for sharing.

One of the motorcycle forums I used to read a lot got tired of all the Harley/Metric bashing and general flaming that was going on so they created a whole separate forum just for flaming each other. Anything goes.

It was the greatest thing for about a week. Then it got boring and died.

There are entire forums created originally for flaming.


To name one.

I am personally giving up flaming for Lent. Not that I am a practising Catholic, or have any intention of sticking to this statement, it just seems like the kind of thing to say on the first day of lent.

What an asshole!