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Online Domestic vs International


Hello, I have been reading on this site for a while now. I am not prepared for a cycle yet, and have been training naturally since the age of 18, and am 29 yrs old. I recently was talking to a gym acquaintance who told me about a supposedly legit online site. I ordered some vardenafil (levitra) from this site just to see if the order would be successful, as well as to have some fun in the process, and received it today. This site offers both international and US delivery, and certain steroids that are not prescribed in the US, such as primobolan, are not available for US delivery. The site says that it is safer to order domestically. Is there a greater legal risk associated with international deliveries? Is a domestic shipment less likely to be seized by customs ? Any feedback much appreciated.


Domestic shipments don't go through customs. So, there's greater risk of your shipment getting confiscated via international delivery.


both have their risks. international has it's seizure risk, but it's rare that theres any type of legal follow up. not to mention most good sources boast a 99% success rate.

domestic sources can get busted and then any type of stored info is retrieved. in either case it's very unlikely the average customer is dealt with.


A lot of them claim a 99% success rate on international orders.

I know some people who have ordered off a few international sites and have had orders confiscated more often than not. When they got confiscated the first time, they used a different address for the re-delivery (The site offered to re-deliver upon proof of the customs seizure form), and the package would still get seized.