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Online Dealers?


Curious as to what you guys think about domestic gears website?


People have eyes there genius!......Think about what you just did.


uhm...all i asked was if anyone ordered from there...and if they didnt get in trouble


My point exactly.


I love how people on these forums act like they never asked questions when they didnt know about something. I asked a question...i deserve a straight answer. If what you're tryin to say is...im gonna get caught...well say that.


I don't know what he's saying either.

People do use domestic mail order websites. They are actually held in higher regard by most because there is no customs to go through. I know quite a few that have dealt with mail order domestic sources successfully for years.


There is a fair amount that i don't know to say the least.I do know that operation gear grinder is worth you takeing a look at.



source questions should be kept in PM...not the open forum.


They dont exist...

nothing to see here...

move it along...


I know of some but I've never ordered from them. You're best bet is to get on a website/forum that deals with aas and find out if there are others that have successfully ordered from any paticular website.

Then make sure you are willing to accept the risk of getting caught.



Nice avatar.


If you can find out where to buy steroids with a google search, so can law enforcement officials.

Then again, Private/Invite/Vet boards offer no protection either, except for against other gear-heads not knowing where you get yours.

People order successfully from sources that openly advertise on the internet all the time without being caught - but it's not the smartest thing to do.