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Online Dating?


I'm curious if any of you have tried online dating, and if so, what your impressions are??


My wife and I met online. Married for 2.5 years. No regrets. It really is a fun and convenient way to meet people.

It opens the world for you.

My wife now watches osme show on ABC thursday at 9pm. called 'hooking up'.
It based on some people in NYC. Not a bad show.


On a less happy note. About a year and a half ago my sister was raped by someone she met online. Now her irresponsibility in not meeting in a public place played a role, but it left a bad impression on me as far as the online dating world goes. In the end, it is like anything else. Practice with your personal safety/well-being in mind and everything should work out. Sorry for the downer.


In online dating's praises, I am--at this very minute--talking to a crazy girl rolling around in bra and panties on her cybercam.

Match.com, baby. For people so bat-shit insane they can't get laid at nightclubs. God bless the internet.


I tried it... really a waste of time for me. In my case, I ended up chatting with several women online for protracted periods of time, met up once, and then never talked to them again.


I've met a few girls on myspace. Haven't tried any of the others.


I tried it for month. Messaged a few ladies, never got anything back. I might try it again, with some better pics. I think yahoo personals has the most/best looking chics, at least in my area. american singles - 90% ugly

oh yeh, myspace is a good way to meet sluts. there are lots of hot girls on there, just look for the ones that mention how much they like sex on their profile. (I don't do this, but i know many guys would)


Hold on, hold on, I'm writing this down...


Have you read "How I Became Stupid"?

You are definitely one of those people who are just too damn smart for your own good.


Sweet, just got onto myspace myself. Hylander81


Er, thanks, I mean, how dare you!

In my defense, the first one was while I was out of the country for a few months, so I chatted with her online when I went to the internet cafes. The others were due to being busy at work and not having time to meet up with anyone until my schedule opened up. I live out in the boonies (well, sort of), and the "Washington DC area" covers a lot of ground, which makes it very difficult to just meet up with people somewhere local.


And my last post just rendered my opinion on internet dating completely useless to anyone who doesn't live in exactly my set of circumstances. Damn, I'm good.

So. Carry on, then.

And I'll read that book.


Sad but true. Being deliberately stupid is quite an artform.


I met my wife online and we've been married with six years. And no, she doesn't have a beard, dick or air valve on her neck or other stereotype of the internet dater.

She was the first and only person I met on the 'net so I can't offer much but she dated a handful of guys and said it was a 50/50 split between losers and legitamitely nice guys. Her sister also met her then husband (now divroced) online and he was a really great guy as well.


I've played around with Match, Yahoo personals and MySpace in the past. I've never met anyone that I'd hook up with or saw any potential. There are some hot sluts on all of them.

However, I've found too many cases of people showing only parts of themselves (the good parts) and hiding the fatness or other ugliness. Or they take photos from three years ago, but forget to mention that they were in shape or looked good then, but now they are fat or cut their hair and look like shit.

I do much better meeting people in person. It's actually a lot easier for me. I can meet new girls each week. Sometimes without trying.


I've done the bar scene which served its purpose for hooking up for the night, sometimes more than the night. I've met people at work which was OK too. Basically I've done it all. That being said I met my wife on AOL, (yes she's attractive) and we've been married for close to 2 years with a one year old son...I must say it worked for me. You just meet a different type of person than you would in a bar or club.


Hmm, you really have to be careful with online dating.

There are normal people on there, who just happen to not find it easy to meet people during their regular day to day life.

However, at the same time, ask yourself this question. Why, if someone is worth dating, are they using an online system to find a partner?

Anyway, women in particular have to be very careful, because you never know what is out there... and you can be sure they are practiced at answering all the questions you might ask to try to find out.

Meet in a public place. Bring along another friend or two. Don't let your email address/account show your full name. Don't give out a phone number unless it is a cell number and won't lead to an address. Don't trust that any pictures you see are remotely like the person you'll meet. Take everything as slow as you want and don't worry about letting them slip away.

Once you've met once or twice and have seen them in public, you'll have a much better idea of their personality and what they are looking for.

Anyway, I've used online dating, looking for a serious relationship. I've met some women with serious baggage from previous relationships in the past... which was unfortunate.


how is that any different than any other form of meeting people?


I tried several online dating things a couple years ago. Got tons of crap mail from fucking morons, met several nice guys and several losers. Of course, safety was always a high consideration - all the crap Vroom mentioned and then some (they didn't even have my real name at first and I parked far away so they couldn't tell which car I drove and trace a license #). Ended up thinking that if the dating thing didn't work, I'd at least meet some people I could hang out with. (Normal day to day living doesn't involve much opportunity to meet folks, let alone those with a common interest.)

Turns out I met a guy (married, stable job, kids, church-going) that wasn't looking to date but just have people to hang with (not from a 'dating' site either, just a chat room). We had common interests, yada yada yada. The dude starts acting like we're dating after hanging out a bit and when I tell him that just ain't gonna happen - he turns psycho. He attempted B&E at my place (watched him trying to pick my deadbolt through the peephole), broke into my mailbox and stole mail, caused about 4k in damage to my car, left 'love letters' every couple of weeks on my doorstep saying all I had to offer were my looks and those could be gone with a flick of a knife and to "be careful where you walk because dark corners can come alive".

I reported the attempted B&E, the mailbox thing, the car thing and showed the cops the 'love letters'. According to them, there's nothing they can do. He had an alibi for the B&E (even though I saw him!) and I have no third party verification that he did any of the other things. So... I am still dealing with mutherfucker two years later.

Just realize that even if you think you've met someone who's into hiking, history and 19th century lit who's also got every conceivable sign of mental stability.... You just never know.


Is it a grey area, vroom? :smiley: