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Online dater wants Army man sued

  That's right. She wants him sued, sentenced to prison, AND kicked out of the Army. She was one of 50 women the Army man had proposed to over the phone and internet while serving in Afghanistan.
  When asked why, Robin Solod of New York, one of the women allegedly duped by Saleh, said: "It's too little too late. That's definitely not sufficient for the betrayal, the deceit. He stole my heart." 

  Aaawwww  you poor thing. He's a war criminal now because he stole your heart right? Why, he oughta spend the rest of his life in prison and be kicked out of the Army because while serving his country and protecting your freedom, he decided to 'propose' to someone he met online, while suffering from 'deprivation'... Why, he's a bastard.

  Have you seen the woman? Nothing but a very ugly, fat blob, wanting nothing but some attention. Some people are sad.

Did you hear about the cadet at the airforce acadamy who was running a porn site from school? It was an amateur gang bang site and the only rule he violated aparently was using campus resources (bandwidth) to administer it. I can’t remember whether they did anything to him, but while the case was still pending, he set up a new site of a similar nature in ohio (to where he was being transfered after his graduation a few weeks later). I heard about this thing only a month or so ago, although I don’t know if the story was older.

He proposed to 50 women. He’s an ass. He’s not deserving of the honor of Colonel. He probably shouldn’t be thrown in jail, but he should definitely be kicked out of the Army. Who could follow him into battle knowing he’s such a jackass?

Enter the violins.

People say love blinds.

Ever turned that around? Ever wondered if some people fall in love BECAUSE they are blind?

Have not even seen the picture. Have not seen all of the facts either.

I do have questions, however, as to the probing qualities of the lady…deception by the guy or not. If the lady entered that relationship unconsciously (blind, without asking questions or thinking about consequences or probabilities of the outcome)…well…she almost asked for it.

Poor little damsel…probably blinded by herself…trust the media to play her as victim and the people to jump along…

Its almost like theres a demand for the sucker stories.

Hummm…and why not imagine this…

Online dater wants Army WOMAN sued

Yeah right. If that happened, that would, media time wise, most probably one case for tens, if not hundreds, of the usual female victim bla bla. Not to mention the guy would be walking around with his head in a paperbag.

Oh. I get it. Expect that behavior from women. Emotions before common sense as a rule. Don`t expect them, AS A LARGE GROUP, to be more than victims and crybabies?

Reading the initial headline, Cialdini`s social proof theory sure sounds accurate.

And after that people wonder why men love bitches and T-Vixens…probably because the come with active brains inside.

I saw that story, and I have to agree with you… she sent him some photos that made her look potentially attractive, but the real deal was pretty harsh! What pisses me off about frivolous lawsuits like this is that judges don’t just throw them about before they become a story, and let them disappear into obscure oblivion where they belong.

"An Egyptian woman married to a man with six daughters from previous marriages drowned herself Saturday just hours after giving birth to a girl because she feared her husband’s reaction to fathering another daughter. "

I don’t mean to move the topic, but since we are discussing gender, I’ll throw this headline from today out too.
How whack is this world when a girl’s birth is seen as a nightmare. North America is blessed with not having a lot of cultural influences against gender like you see in the story above. But it’s too bad that one or a few morons in Diesel’s story make either gender look bad. I’m not saying the Army guy did anything wrong either. I say “Buyer Beware” and this woman obviously needs a boot to the head. But in a country where more and more people are suing others because “responsibility for one’s actions” is a thing of the past, it’s only going to get worse.
And, on that note, I look forward to more daily rants by the Diesel…

Diesel, I believe that you are wrong on this one. The guy is a sick mofo who should not be allowed to serve in a position of responsibility when it comes to our security. If they don’t boot the asshole out, they can have my commission back. I don’t want to be associated with a scumbag like that.

The attitude like this is sick. The woman wasn’t smart, but the guy involved wasn’t honorable either. And how am I to respect the people in the military if they act dishonorably?

Birds of a feather flock together. Flies are attrated to shit. Dumbasses get hustled. Both of the parties involved need a good swift kick to the ass, as my dad would say.

That guy was a piece of shit, and doesn’t deserve to be getting my tax dollars for his wage.

What, you going to protect all military criminals just because they are “protecting my freedom?” Those gents who raped the women in Japan, are they next?

A military id card shouldn’t protect pieces of shit.

And the woman is the one who is sad? The fat blob, right? Not the man who proposed to 50 women on the internet?