Online CS Degree - Acceptance in IT World?

I’m looking to get back to school and get my bachelor’s in computer science. Been looking at online schools, since I have to work a full-time, days and nights job.

My question is: with the current tech employment climate, does a degree from a nationally accredited online university carry a weight worthy of it’s investment? If so, would it carry the same salary-pull as a paper from a brick-and-mortar?

I have current bachelor’s in business science [management] and exercise science, which when combined give me the power to work retail. Really need out of sales.

Vash -

There’s always an opportunity for you if you like and are good at what you do.

I design/write enterprise GIS software for the energy/utility sector. My degrees are in Geology.

I have a colleague who is well respected in the company and by our customers, has in depth knowledge of the electric utilities (business and technical) and is one hell of a software engineer.

He doesn’t have a degree.

I would say just the fact that you have a degree is at minimum, a step in the door somewhere. “Place of degree” is, IMO, becoming less important (that’s not to say a BS in CS from MIT or Stanford etc. isn’t huge).

If you carry in-depth business knowledge of whatever sector you’re thinking of programming in, your value will be much higher than if you’re “just a programmer”.

Architects and systems analysts (ie people who can effectively gather requirements, specs, and design) are as in demand as ever, at least from what I can gather from all my contacts in the field (read: global).

Excellent info, thanks!

I think SteelyD dropped the most relevant info on you, Vash.

I’m in Silicon Valley and a few of my friends that have well paying software engineering jobs did not study CS in college. At all.

They are self-taught.

What’s most important is that you make an impact somewhere or be prepared to show off a decent portfolio of your work.

I am not really a database guy - but as far as software is concerned, that is the direction I’d head in if I could choose a path - but I did design a DVD rental system in a programming class that used a database. That’s about the only thing I can show off at the moment, but at least it is something.

Good luck.