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[Online Comics] Perry Bible Fellowship


Since you all seem to like C&H, i thought i'd share this with you.
It's very dark humor and some of the stuff is great.
Very well drawn too.

Some of my favorites:


Yeah, I think they're hilarious.

Too bad he's not making them anymore.


LOL. The earth and sun kissing was hilarious.


good stuff


Easily the greatest comic strip of all time. It's really a shame that he's done...though I find I can still laugh really hard if I only read them every year or two. :stuck_out_tongue:


yeah, it's really a shame that he's done with them. they were really funny.


At least he had the balls to admit he ran out of ideas. Most people just milk it forever and then it ends up ruining the comic.


I think Calvin and Hobbes beats this. :slight_smile: