Online Coaching?

I am looking for an online coach for powerlifting and wanted to compete next year as well. There isn’t much of a powerlifting community that’s close enough for me to access (I live in Southbay but it’s kind of the outskirts of it so not many harecore gyms other than a powerhouse). I was considering powrrliftingtowin and he seems like a great choice but do you guys have any other suggestions?

I used Brandon Smitley for my last meet prep - he’s one of the sponsored guys over at elitefts. @Amit_Sapir posts here as well and offers online training. He also trains one of our strongest members. I would recommend either of them over powerliftingtowin.


Boris Sheiko? He has a proven track record and he puts out good material.

I would prefer to keep the costs low as possible and I understand that coaching is an expensive service and gettin someone reputable is expensive but I don’t exactly make a shit ton of money so.

I hired Izzy Narvaez from Powerlifting To Win and he kicked some serious ass. 100 dollars a month gets you daily replies to emails, programming, nutritional advice etc.

George Leeman charges about the same but his replies take time and his advice on nutrition and changes to the programming are pretty much “mebbe do this mebbe do that”. I did like the unconventional program but if I pay for coaching, I expect coaching.

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i do offer online powerlifting coaching. if you interested PM me.

I emailed Brandon Smitley and got a reply back. How are his training methods? Is he a coach that prefers the conjugate method? Because I saw some of his training footage and logs on eltitefts and it seems so.

Brandon used the conjugate method with me for an 11-week meet prep. We used max-effort and dynamic-effort days but all squatting was free squatting (no box) and all work was done with straight weight (no bands or chains). ME days consisted of volume work on the competition lift followed by maxing out on a special exercise. DE days consisted of speed work followed by special exercises for reps. All training days had assistance work to target my weaknesses (posterior chain for lower, tri’s and lats for upper).

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Oh and my results -

Did my 1st meet in January @ 220, then used Brandon for my second meet in July @ 242

Lifts between meets:

Squat: 460 - 480
Bench: 250 - 270 (also hit 300 in the gym)
Deadlift: 455 - 500

Thats an 85 lb total meet PR in 6 months between meets, Brandon helped me peak for 11 weeks. I also added a lot of mass on my upper body which was seriously lacking. I learned a lot with him and continue to use his principles in my training.

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Oh cool because I was always aware of of a general idea of what conjugate was but my gym(s) don’t have any chains or bands so I was worried if I did go with him I wouldn’t be able to do many of the stuff. Your lifts are very close to mine other than the squat which seems much higher than mine. I’m curious to see what I could do under his tutelage.

I’m still a beginner, I’ll race you to a 1500 total. Brandon is great and cares a lot about the sport. His prices are reasonable and he will make time to answer your questions.

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Not exactly a fair race seeing as how I weigh 165-170

Sounds like you should get bigger then to make it even


Hire Amit Sapir. I have worked with many coaches and none have been as responsive and detailed in there answers or as honestly concerned and willing to jump through hoops to keep me going. He is a true coach and friend and I won’t hire any one else. I do a lot of online coaching and while I am pretty good in my opinion and luckily I have never had a disappointed client I don’t hold a candle to Amit. He has been training damn near since I was born and has forgotten more about training and diet than I’ll probably ever know haha.

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