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Online Coaching, Worth It?


Hello guys, just wanted to know what is your toughts on this
Lately i have been thinking on paying for some sort of online coaching to help me trought this, im not preparing for some contest or anything, i just want to see some “light” after years of training, i mean, something from guys who already helped bunch of guys…The thing is i lift for almost 8 years now and im far, very far from my goals, i get frustated so many times because of this, i see dudes training for 3 years way bigger than me for example.

Im not expecting some kind of miracle BUT something that have good chances of improving my physique without gear, theres no way of knowing if its gonna work but this is complicated because a month of online coaching ($ 250) is MORE than a minimum wage in my country



I don’t think it is a good choice for you just based on your economic situation.

Online coaching can be very well done, but it can also be a huge scam. It depends on who you choose and what you expect–and there are so many online “coaches” one has to be really careful. I mean, there are 100% great ones out there, but it can take some trial and error and that may not be a cheap expense.

It may be more helpful, although slower, for you to simply read and ask questions in the free forum here and maybe other places you find useful.


Thats one of my fears man, living in south america can be rough
Thanks a lot for your time


For sure man. Something that may be useful to you is to go back over the lifting programs you have used and kind of evaluate them. Also evaluate your current program–how long have you had it, how is it working, have you kept the same lifts in the same order and the same reps for months on end now? Basically look for things to tweak (tweak, not full scale overhaul). And just ask questions. Remember–the journey is a long slow one, so if you’re making progress forward don’t get too down. I’ve been stuck for a period of years on bench press before I eventually PRed. But, during that same time my squat and DL went up and I was getting bigger, so there was always some positive part I could look at while I fixed a problem with something else.


Yeah x2 with Aragorn, not really ideal with your financial situation.

-Loads of highly effective information for free on this site especiallly the articles section on the Tnation part of the site. Dan John articles in particular are full of wisdom.

I really like this strategy of running through a bunch of proven programs over the course of a year…

Saying all that, '@Alpha '/Brian Alsruhe writes personalised programs that I believe start at $100, which is tremendous value as does a very in depth questionnaire to your goals, athletic history ,type of equipment have access to etc. His logs are also a fantastic resource, I recommend you check them out and ask some questions…


What do you do as far as lifting, diet, sleep, work and life goes? How tall are you, what are your goals and why do you want to achieve them. I want to change your life FUH FREE DOG


Hey man, apreciate for the help!!
My focus was always on bodybuilding/ size so i was doing a increased frequency routine for almost a year, i jumped into a classical bodybuilding split a week ago as i was feeling like shit and not improving so much.
I get 6 to 8 hours of sleep and work every day except for sunday and also study every day
Im 1.80m and 77,5kg / 170lbs more or less
My goal is to be able to compete without steroids some day, i mean, i dont even want to win i just want to be good enough to step on a stage some day, all stuff i do in my routine is for my training, what i eat and what i dont eat, my sleep, where i spend my money, what i think all day is bodybuilding and what should i do to get better.
I just want to be better than myself and actually look like i train for almost 8 years and this afect me more than it should

I think thats it


I really apreciate it man, i always come here for help and im always reading topics and articles on tnation, folks here like you are always kind and supporting thats why this is my favourite bodybuilding forum


I’m sure there are plenty of great online coaches out there but I don’t know if it’s necessary; mostly because you can get full programs on here for free (and I’ve bought 2 online that were a scam - from Josef Rakich and Sadik Hadzovik)
From the sound of your enthusiasm you have not complete the basics very well. I’d suggest revisiting the basics and REALLY learn why they work and the science behind Hypertrophy
For most newer guys it is said they can gain best on full body programs. Chad Waterbury has several


Thats what i noticed also man, my basic lifts are weak …
Problem is whenever i try higher frequency program i see (in long terms) that my strenght is worse than when i do the classic split routines …
And even when i do split (like now) i train everythings mostly twice/week because even on shoulder and arms day i do some sets of close bench press ,on leg day i do romanian deadlifts working a little bit of lower back also.
All times when i was stronger was doing splits but again im not denying the possibility that when i was doing higher frequency something else was wrong, like volume, rest, diet or something…

Do you recomend any specific program?


Sorry, I didn’t see that you were asking me a question until I popped back on this thread. If you hit reply at the bottom of any replies the person will get notified
As far as recommending a program I like Chad Waterbury like I mentioned. The Art of Waterbury is a good one to start off on IMO.
I have no suggestions for any splits other than a Push / Pull if you’re dead set against full body workouts. You could also try Push / Pull / Legs and still hit each body part twice a week