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Online Coaching Suggestions?

I live very remote and have a great gym setup but needing a good online coach to assist with nutrition, and routines. Does anyone have recommendations??? Thanks

For the vast majority a online coach is very overrated IMO.

If you’re newer lifter you don’t really need custom plan. Just find something that is free and run it. There are some plans out there that you can plug in lifts you have available to you do thy are somewhat customized.


Video yourself and upload here for help. As for a program, just run something published like 5/3/1 or Dan John’s stuff.

Same as everyone else. Just run a 5/3/1 template or something by Dan John. As long as you can do the lifts (which aren’t actually as hard as people make them sound) you’ll be fine just doing the basics for a while.

And if you live in a remote area I’m guessing that means there’s possibly some good opportunites for some trail runs or logs or rocks you can pick up? That’s always a good way to feel manly.

im a jackass

What did John say when you voiced all of this to him during the coaching process?

You hired an online coach to hold you accountable in the gym.

Does that make sense when someone else writes it and you look back on it?

All formats have limitations. Even a coach in the gym can’t stop someone from eating like crap at home.


Run through programs off the Tnation part of the site. Anything by Dan John, Waterbury, Jim Wendler, Paul Carter, etc The last two have their own subforum for questions if need feedback.

John Beradi, Mike Roussell and Jonny Bowden worth looking up for nutrition

there’s some legitimate people out there now giving online coaching. depends on your budget.

Join Paul Carter’s recomp group on Facebook. Or buy a Meadows program, he puts so much detail in, its as if you have a trainer.

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