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Online Coaching Spots or Pre-Made Program?


Do you know when any online coaching spots will open up ? I have an important goal this year I need to achieve and wanted to make sure I’m all in.

Failing that - Id consider getting one of your pre made programs if you could point me in the right direction…

I basically need a program that does everything - need to look good and perform great. (I’m an actor prepping for a role that is very physical, I’ll be doing martial arts sessions in the week on top of training and I need to look the part).

I know training for multiple goals isn’t ideal but that’s the situation!

Thanks coach

I am revamping my online coaching services to reach more people and account for my new life with a second kid.

I will offer several level of online coaching.

Semi-personalized coaching: I created over 70 periodized programs and I pick the one that better fits the need of the client. It also includes a one-time diet with indications on how to modify it based on weekly progression.

Personalized training: The program is tailor-made for the client and there is coaching support. The diet is a one-time diet with indications on how to modify based on weekly progression.

Personalized training and nutrition: Everything is customized to the client and the diet. includes weekly assessment and modifications if needed

A platinum package: This one offers an a la carte service in which the client can build the service he wants. This can range from mentorship with bi-monthly private courses and weekly calls to personalized training with calls an in person training camps.

We are shooting to launch everything in 10 days or so. We are testing a nutrition software to complete our tool box.

BTW, my coaching staff will be involved too, but they are highly competent. One has been working with me for 14 years and is a successful bodybuilder (he handles more competition/photoshoot related clients) and the other has not only worked with me for 10 years, he also worked with Charles Poliquin for several years, even writing some of his books, wink wink

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Thanks Christian

I’ll keep a look out for the new coaching spots. No doubt your coaches are top level, I must admit I’d love to work with you as I’ve followed your work now for 16 years - Id trust you more than any coach a production company would get me !

I do have oversight of everything though

Please keep us posted when you have these programs available to the public!