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Hey guys,

I’m currently deployed and am getting stationed in South Korea shortly after New Years this year.
I’ve made some awesome progress over this past year and have been running almost 8 months of 5/3/1
I have all Jims books and have really loved them. I want to start getting prepped for a meet in 2019 once I get back from Korea and wanted to get an online coach. Ive spent a lot of time researching online coaches and its really hard to figure out which ones I should choose OR if I should get one at all.

Anyones advice is welcome, I just want my year over there to be full on linear progess and wanna come back ready to crush a meet.


RTS is good if you get customized coaching, guided programming is hit and miss. Either way, Mike T seems to like pushing volume to the absolute limit, so keep that in mind. I hear good things about TSA, I know a military guy who is with them and he also gets a discount since he is in the army. But from what I hear, most of the training is submaximal volume work (like 80%x3x6 sets for example) which some people don’t like since you don’t see weekly progress, but it definitely works. JTS sounds OK, they have some good lifters too, but again you are better off going for the customized option.

I hear 3dmj is good too, they (Eric Helms) do Bryce Lewis’ (TSA owner) programming, you can look into that as well. In the end, it comes down to what style of training appeals to you and what you can afford.

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You could also check out Swede Burns.