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Online Coaching for Powerlifting?


I need some suggestions for an online powerlifting coach. I tend to jump around in my training and would like to turn over my programming to someone else. Anybody else have good luck with their coach online?


Can anyone recommend a good coach?


Mike T. is great. www.reactivetrainingsystems.com


Bryce Lewis Team is good


If you have the money, Sheiko.


From what I’ve heard, Mike T is a solid choice. I’m currently a client to Izzy Narvaez from Powerlifting To Win and so far he has kicked some serious ass.

I also worked with George Leeman for 3 months but his methods didn’t really suit my powerlifting goals and I don’t really like the “let’s only address stuff once a week” approach.


Love powerlifting to win! How’s your experience as a whole been with Izzy? He charge a lot?


The man is like the human version of Google for powerlifters. Izzy charges 100 dollars a month but for that, you get this:

  • Programming either completely custom-made, customized version of another program or support to work with existing programs
  • Form critique and advice
  • Nutrition and supplement advice/programming
  • Answers 90% of the time within 24 hours to answer questions, tweak the programming etc. Only exceptions to this I’ve had have been during holidays which is understandable or if the question(s) needed a ton of text to answer.
  • Basically everything you could even think of asking from a coach other than actual face to face coaching (I don’t know whether he offers this option or not if you live in the area)

You fill in a training and nutrition log weekly and adjustments are made either then or even from day to day if needed.

All that for 100 dollars is one hell of a deal if you ask me. I actually dropped quite a few supplements I used in the past in favor of his coaching and I haven’t regretted that once.


Thanks for all the suggestions guys.