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Online Coaching - Anybody Done It?


I think AG1 was getting some online coaching from CW. And Staley offers it as well. I'm just not sure what it is and how detailed it gets.

Does anyone have any experience with this or any advice about who to go to for coaching?

I'm at about 14% bf and looking to get under 10 while maintaining strength.



Mate there are a lot of people out there providing online coaching. What you need to do is find a coach who makes a 'case' you get.

Firstly, I think that you probably have all the tools you need to reach your goals without online coaching.

Secondly, I would try and find a coach locally. Someone that can monitor how you are going by sight and provide a good training environment for you.

An online program is just words. Would you rather someone email you a recipe or make you dinner?


Many of the contributors here provide online coaching services.


Find out how much they charge...I'll do it for $5 less than that!



I know you are joking, but then again, you might be serious.


In the words of a once great poet "I'm as serious as cancer, When I say rhythm is a dancer."


Online coaching is the "next big thing" in the training world. I've been doing it for over a year, using this program, and a few tricks of my own. (Don't worry, this isn't a link to my site, this is some screen shots of the program used):

And many other trainers are offering online coaching either in addition to, or instead of, live sessions.

But I'm (obviously) not exactly sure what Coaches Staley or Waterbury do, though I'm certain it's top notch and no-doubt effective. Some trainers may just e-mail programs, some may follow up with phone calls, I've heard of others actually mailing clients 45-minute videotapes of the workout to do.

Ideally, live 1-on-1 training will probably be the most effective, since you'll have immediate feedback, motivation, and technique instruction/correction. But with the right coach (and that absolutely includes Staley and Waterbury), online coaching can definitely produce the same results.

Not true. While that's probably the biggest concern with online work, As I said above, using the Fitness Generator program, in addition to personalized technique comments, clients can get a mini-video of the movement to be done, so they can get a beter visual idea of what to do. See the above workout guy.


I think Dan John would cringe if he saw this guy OH squatting with his legs so close together. "you have to squat between your legs" I hear him say...



Staley is outstanding, and his coaching group has a ton of other great resources. His approach is sooo refreshing.

Or, dig up Mahler. He does the online thing, and he's right close to you. AND, the guy is personable as hell. Just shoot him an email, and he'll get right back at you.


I'm glad you said that and not me because it goes to prove my point that it is obviously rubbish. Any time I see the words "next big thing" I always know to turn my back to the wall because someone is going to try and bend me over and give me a long slow one.

That last statement is even more ridiculous than the ones preceding it. I've been coaching online for 9 years and continue to till this day and it's a joke. It doesn't come anywhere near being in anyway as effective as real 'coaching'. I know you have your business plan and dreams of internet fortunes to be made but please don't promote that sort of garbage here without expecting to be called on it.

To the guy that posted this question. Go get yourself a real coach.


Hey, you're calling Brock Lesnar 'rubbish'? He was billed as The Next Big Thing. :wink: Point taken, man. I chose my words poorly.

Well, it's a good thing you still do it then, isn't it. :slight_smile:

Call me out on whatever you want man, cool. I was offering my opinion and first-hand experience. Last I heard, that's rarely a bad thing. But I think the point has been made, and everyone's agreed, that live training is preferred. But my point was that under proper and ideal conditions, online training can be effective. That's my 2 or 3 cents worth. Done.