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Onion Alternatives - Can Someone Help?

I started following John Berardi’s No Nonsense Nutrition meal plan on Monday, for those that haven’t read any of my previous post this week. I just would like an alternative to the onions for those knowledgeable of this program. At my work I wait on people and the smell of onions is awful. Anyone know of a substitute for this food? I’m not really sure of the reasons for the certain combinations of these meals thats why I started it since it was all layed out for me.

Can someone please help me?

I think it is hard to answer your question as asked.

You could probably substitute almost any vegetable, simply leave the onions out, or brush your teeth and gargle after eating.

If you really had to get the particular nutrients they offer, you might be able to find supplements with quercetin, but I don’t know that it would be necessary.

I hope that gives you enough to help you decide what to do.

I agree. The only reason I didnt try and help was 1 i love onions and 2 man you could sub about anything in there.

Dunno if your looking for something close maybe green peppers or salsa. But those may leave you a bit smelly as well.

You all aint making me leave out my onions and garlic and spices I DONT CARE. Plus I brush and gargle and such.

Probably didnt help but there you go.

How can you live without onions? I think those roots have been getting a bad rap for way too long.