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Ongoing Neck/Trap Tightness

Would like to get some opinions on this. I feel my upper back/neck area tightens up faster than it possibly should, even on a day-to-day basis it feels tight. I often have to stretch my traps a few times in the morning/evening and it does help prevent some pain in my neck i feel.

I have recently seen an osteo and think Ive had 2-3 adjustments from him. I remember him saying that “i have sticky muscles”, or basically, “the joints are locking up so the muscles aren’t pulling on them properly”. He said he feels a few adjustments will be all i need. Well ive had a few but still seem to have this, i do the usual SMR, and stretch, but is there anything you guys will suggest on the matter? I know my traps are overactive, so Ive been working on that aswell, im guessing a lot of you will suggest some ART sessions which im willing to consider, however, i feel (at this point), even after ART sessions, things will continue to tighten up. Was just hoping for some opinions as this is a real nuisance.

Also thinking of getting some blood tests done for overall well-being, however i had some done fairly recent (FBC) and nothing was brought to my attention of being abnormal.


Accupuncture, i got it done in asia, it fixed 70 percent of the problems above. You’ll have to find one that does dry needling, or sports injuries, ummm the science behind it is that they needle out scar tissue and untie trigger points. you need to undergo 10 sessions before the trap unties, also a good accupuncturist will needle that spot with dozens and dozens of needles.

If by any chance that person sticks one needle on your trap and leaves it there… hes or she isnt good enough, the person will have to know what trigger points are and scar tissue are and have to willing actively find on your body.

Also not sure if it’s relevant but im missing some ROM in rotation, and since the adjustments i can usually self crack my neck itself, sometimes without trying to.

yes i had that too, it didn’t happen during my injury, but when my trap began to freeze solid on me 3 years later i loss range of movement. the accupuncture got some back, i personally went to asia to get my accupuncture done by a sports specialist, she is famous and does accupuncture for sports teams.

so go try it before posting, also ask the accupuncturist to put a needle near the insertion point of the trap and the shoulder, where they move meet. it should untie some knots after a few sessions.

after 10 sessions im 70% better when it comes to tightness, but im still going nuts after the 30% because its driving me crazy. i tried basically everything besides ART which isn’t popular in Canada.

i heard that its myogelosis and that it’s impossible to get rid of besides shockwave therapy thats rare, im guessing shock wave therapy isnt russian stem.