Ongoing Elbow Pain

Just for some background and context, I am 21 and have been training for about 5 years now. This past summer I started feeling pain in my left elbow (my weaker side). It was an uncomfortable sharp-ish pain when I extended my elbow, or in some cases when I did a curling motion. I would also feel a pinch when I would open doors or hold something kinda heavy like a frying pan. The issue was mostly around the bony knob of my elbow and the inside elbow near the bicep. The pain persisted and so eventually I went to go check it out. I went to a sports clinic, no ultrasound or MRI performed but they said the pain I felt was consistent with golfers elbow AND tennis elbow, as at that point I felt pain on the inner and outer elbow. They said it was because of an overused forearm and triceps muscle which were very tight.

So I take a few months off, massage, ice/heat etc and don’t do any lifting with my left arm. Fast forward to early Dec and I start doing some like band work etc. A week since that I start with light dumbbell curls and triceps extensions. Problem is I started feeling some pain again a few days ago, this time only on the back of my elbow around the bony part. The pain would happen when I try and extend my elbow, and resist with my other hand or some light light-ish weight. I also feel some random pinches when I bend my elbow in a strange way just doing daily activities or chores. Ironically DURING the work outs I do not feel anything, only the day or even two days after.

My question is what should I do? Take more time off, continue with band workouts or go for an MRI/ultrasound. The pain is nothing to bad, just some discomfort, but it feels worse than it did a week ago and am afraid I might re-injure myself.

Advice will be really appreciated especially from people with medical experience, thanks in advance.
Pic where I feel pain attached

Try these, especially voodoo bands…

Also stretch your triceps thoroughly, immediately after every session where you work upper body