Onfire1's Metcon for Muscle Log

Time to get started!

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Awesome! Welcome to the party,

If you have any questions along the way or you need my help, don’t hesitate to ask. I’m here to help you make the most out of this experience.

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Hey @Christian_Thibaudeau
I’m still waiting for my kit.
But last week I did each workout trying to figure out the weights, I must say the holds are incredible challenging!!! and the weighted walks also! But a fan already

Glad you enjoyed it (a bit disappointed too :slight_smile: )


@Christian_Thibaudeau i’ve been browsing around to find a place where all the members could post modifications or their take on an exercise if you don’t have - Example leg curl

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Well, we don’t have a listing. But eventually, the goal is to build one. In the meantime, if you need any substitutions just ask me

@Christian_Thibaudeau if there is one thing stuck with me it’s the phrase that you said - Never chase fatigue, Chase performance! Keeping myself busy on off days, with Muay Thai sparring, and heavy bag rounds! 10x3 min. Will receive my kit tomorrow and then it’s off to work!

Right it will be very important to manage fatigue and exertion level on your extra activity: we don’t want it to hurt the main workouts.

So I received my kit and started yesterday with the physical labor workout, which I really liked :man_lifting_weights:
I have been reading through different logs of people.

So here’s my question :raising_hand_man:

  • do you not recommend focusing on weak points, for let’s say 10 minutes Prior to the workout - or do you just wanna go straight into the carries? - my weak points are,
    Triceps, upper back, front delts. Which I do prior to the leg workout.

Vice versa - when doing upper body- Focusing on weak hamstrings, low back, and mid back. In the 3 sets of 10-15 reps just to get blood flooding.

I’m also doing the sled with straps for upper body, again (weak points,triceps etc)
and for the lower body I’m doing forward, sideways, backwards and crossover dragging- light For 10 min (of course not the same day, but changing between these two warm-ups styles)

And to be honest I don’t feel this is too much prior to the work out - but I would love your opinion or ideas of the warm-up for either upper or lower body
Thanks again @Christian_Thibaudeau

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Well, honestly I wouldn’t mind if you do one exercise for your weakest point prior to every workout. Something like 3-4 sets of 8-10 reps is fine.

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47.50 min for todays work

12 kg above shoulder level walk 2 min (brutal)

45 kg oh press
7.5 kg delts raises 13 reps /12 reps
14 kg oh walk / 2 round 12.5 kg

Bench press 70 kg
12 dips
1 min bear crawl

Dip hold 1.40 short break then last 20 sec
Pec stretch - 16 kg kettlebell hold 2 min straight

So here is what I noticed over these three days of drinking my Surge, it’s a lot of fluid coming in, but also OUT.
Plus the water and coffee you drink during the day - Feel like this is a part of a cleansing? But I also have a question regarding to supplements I take vitamins in the morning and, and magnesium at night time - should that be kept to the same level. I know people probably take different supplements and doses, so it’s just a general question
@Christian_Thibaudeau @Tim_Patterson

Will drink my last dose now and hopefully won’t have to get up at night time :rofl:


Good thinking! I make sure to finish my daily Surge by 6pm so I can have uninterrupted sleep lol

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Todays time 63.30 min

Week 2 - legs :leg:

2 sled walk ( friction is a b….)

Squat 85 kg
Leg ext 35 kg
Sled walk backwards (I can say 125 kg but it all comes down to the friction, in my gym the friction is a bitch)

Db Romain deadlift 100 kg

Wallslide ham curls 20
( i’m having a hard time finding a good alternative to the hamstring curls, I’m thinking about putting in Glute ham raises next week! (Whats your take? ) @Christian_Thibaudeau

1 min kb swing 28 kg

4 min Hip flexor stretch with 16 kg chain around neck
1 min then 30/30 sec both sides.
Feels like new hips

Goblet squat hold 25 kg
1 min - then 30/30 sec

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If you have the finances, a glute-ham raise is a great investment. You can also use band leg curls.

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The machine is here