One Yr Old Son Found My Weights

My one year old son found my weights in the rec room. Now he constantly points to go upstairs to play. As soon as I take him up I get all his little toys out, set him on the floor, and he goes straight for the weight pile by the couch. His favorite is my wife’s 5 lb medicine ball.

Now I am probably just one of those dads who thinks their kid is awesome no matter what, but I would like some additional input. Is it normal for a one year old (well now he is 14 months) to be able to pick up the 5 lb medicine ball in a seated position, lift it over his head, and throw it about a foot across the room?

He also likes to take his 8 yr old brother’s 5 pound dumbbell and does one arm side raises parallel to floor and then drops it. He likes the bang it makes on the floor. He also pushes the 20 lb dumbbell across the floor to watch it roll.

I think this is awesome… I can’t get his older brother to do weights with me and I try every night that I work out. I think the baby is going to be the one. Any body else with young kids getting into the iron? Doesn’t it make you proud? I plan to have Harrison his own T-Nation profile by the time he is 5.

By the time they can walk well, most kids can handle objects up to 1/3 of their body weight with ease, and can handle objects up to 1/2 of their body weight with some difficulty but still with coordination.

Watch him try to pick something up and move it. He’ll deadlift it with perfect form. If he’s messing with something on the ground, he’ll be in a perfect squat position.

Haha that’s awesome. Hopefully he stays that committed haha. As far as your older son, I would say lay off him a little while. Once he gets older I would expect his interest to increase.

Well he isn’t walking yet, he doesn’t want to let go of the furniture and resorts back to crawling to get across the room even though he has the strenght and coordination, its all in his head. But he does do a nice squat and will go all the way to just above the floor and hover there for any extended period of time.

The reason I brought it up was because we had some friends over whose kid is 15 months old, comparable weight to our son. He could only lift the 5 lb ball a few inches off the floor. Harrison was clearing it above his head and then hurling it.

I just thought it was cool how easily he was manipulating objects with significant mass compared to his relative weight. I figured I was just your typical parent who thinks their kid is great, but I wanted to see if others had kids doing the same thing at early or young ages…

I was especially interested in seeing if anyone has a small child that actually enjoys training with them and what they do to tailor a session to that child.

Thanks for the input Xab. It was great reading your post with Ron looking smugly on. I was anticipating a “whale’s vagina” reference somewhere.

well if your kid is named Harrison he’s gonna be a strong mofo, just how it is.

and yea dude if your other kid doesnt want to lift just let him do his thing, its not for everyone.

[quote]patrickjones wrote:
Well he isn’t walking yet, he doesn’t want to let go of the furniture and resorts back to crawling to get across the room[/quote]

ya, well, my daughter was walking at 9.5 months so there :stuck_out_tongue:

joking aside, i am amazed also by what she can lift. She walks over to objects, squats, hugs, lifts. She’ll carry things to me that i never would have imagined she could even lift.

I have a 3yr old, and he likes to play around with my weights. Loading up the bar and stuff.

I’m not really going teach him to lift though. He learns to lift by watching me, and it will be up to him if he wants to lift in the future.

I agree with the others about laying off your 8yr old about lifting though. At that age I think a team sport/activity would be more enjoyable.