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One Year Update

Here’s an update of my test results one year later. Doctor is finally ordering a brain MRI. Just posting it here so it might help others in some sort of way.
LH = 5.4 MIU/ML
FSH = 3.2 MIU/ML
FREE % = 60.4%
SBHG = 17.8 NMOL/L
FREE T4 = .94 NG/DL

Assuming you are not on TRT?

Correct. Still trying to have kids. Trying for over 12 years. Tried clomid a few years back and it only went up about 50 or so. Tried for two years to convince doctors this might be secondary hypogonadism but they wouldn’t listen till now. Just wanted to share in case this is a pituitary issue and help others get theirs tested

Then you need a sperm analysis too.

I don’t think trt will help you get the misses pregnant. Your fsh (which appears normal) triggers the sperm production.

2 separate problems.

Getting wife pregnant ( which may be the wife’s issue and not yours) . Sperm analysis will help determine that.

Other problem low t. Which may require trt. MRI will help determine if you have a prolactin tumor.
Did Dr check prolactin in lab?

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You’ve had your semen tested for sperm motility I imagine.

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Yes prolactin was normal. But a non functioning tumor is still a possibility. I have migraines about 4 times a week also. Her egg quality isn’t the greatest but still good enough. What’s werid is my motility and everything on the sperm tested normal. Just not enough of it. Last check it was only about 1.2 mill. But what was they were healthy

Also other blood work is normal expect my MPV which was 5.7 FL and alkaline phosphate was 112 iu/l. Platelets were 378 10*3

Clomid it’s good to increase fsh. While on clomid did you check sperm? She can take clomid too I believe it will help release eggs.

Thanks I’ll have to check with her on the clomid to she if she wants to try it. Unfortunately as for me insurance has a lifetime limit on clomid and I’ve already hit that.

Clomid without insurance is like $28 for 30 50mg pills, so it’s not like it’s expensive. Use GoodRx.

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Thanks for sharing. I had almost exact same numbers at 26. 171 ng/dL TT, 14-17 SHBG, 4.7 LH.

I"m 33 and just started TRT 1 year ago. I couldn’t grow any facial/body hair until TRT.

Life was ruined by low T. Virgin.

Havn’t found TRT to help psychologically but it’s helped physically a lot. Libido and erection quality is actually worse.

I had an MRI and my pituitary took up dye heterogenously, but no tumor.

What other symptoms did you have?

To make a long story short about 15 years ago I got bad sick all of a sudden. A knot appeared near my left temple then moved toward my eye. Come to find out it was a mix of mersa and mold. Was removed but health hasent been the same since. Developed narcolepsy which I didn’t have before but still felt ok. I have a full beard etc and erections are fine just libdo is bad. Depression is always a struggle for me. But the past several months my energy has been almost non existent. My heart rate recently will go from 165 to about 45 and back and forth all day with me just resting but I haven’t used drugs or stimulants. But every test and image of heart etc comes back normal so docs always say let’s check again in a year. So I’m hoping this MRI shows something at least cause not sure what to do from here. Sorry for the long post

It’s funny you say that. I have a heterogeneous testicle. No one can really say if that causes low t. The Doppler was good but I believe that it contributed to my low t. I really think that testicle is not making t.

You should ask about a beta blocker.
And if you haven’t gotten one. Maybe a 3 day holter monitor.
Make sure no affib

Thanks, I’ll ask the doc about that for sure