One Year Transformation. What Road Should I Take?

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Hey @fornatsu,

First of all, congrats on the transformation man! Glad to see you’ve gone such a long way.

If you have just finished your first cut cycle, in my humble opinion it’s time to get you back into the game. What I’d do in this case is start with full-body compound-movement workout routine performed every other day. Example:


Bench Press: 3x12
Barbell Rows: 3x12
Squats: 3x12
Leg Raises: 3x as many as possible
Plank:3x as many aspossible

Tuesday: rest day


Chin-ups / Pull-ups: 3x as many as possible
Deadlift: 3x10
Shoulder Press: 3x12
EZ Bar Curl: 3x12
Sit ups: 4x Max
Calf Raises: 4x Max


Add exercises like renegade rows and full contact twist to target the stubborn belly fat and fortify the abdominal muscles.

This should be done for the first month, after which you can continue by increasing the number of reps and decreasing the number of sets, which will start developing your strength even better.

In terms of nutrition, keep doing what you’re doing. Allow for some more carbs before and after the workouts and limit carb intake in the evening.

This should help you build more lean muscle over the next couple of months before moving onto isolated exercises.

Good luck! Let us know if this was useful and how you are getting along.