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One Year on TRT and It Only Worked for 1 Week

last year discovered i have low t and I have decided to get trt
the doctor decide That protocol
150 test ethanate per week
1.0mg Arimidex per week
And in the fifth week I felt super (physical ,mental and psychological) and become very happy even eyebrow muscles become aggressive And then Everything stops after 6 days
I Continued That protocol for another month but nothing
I doubt maybe the e2 is the problem and i tested and the result was ok 26 (11-44)
my doctor change the test dose to 200
and after 2 month nothing happened
then changed to 70 in week
nothing happend
for 10 month i try a lot of protocols but nothing and i still have the low t Signs
then i read maybe i have Thyroid and adrenal problem
i want to another doctor and do all the lab test and here its:
free test 8.20 (1.00 - 28.30)
prolactin 8.42 (3.46 - 19.4)
tsh ultra sensitive 1.16 (.35 - 4.94)
free t3 2.53 (1.71 -3.71)
free t4 0.91 (0.7 - 1.48)
testosterone total 8.28 (1.42 -9.23)
e2 22.51 ( 11-44)
fsh 1.11 (.95-11.95)
Lh 2.33 ( .57 - 12.5)
ast (scopt) 29 (5-34)
alt (sgpt) 45 up to 55
serm creatinine 0.87 (.72-1.25)
esr 5 up to 10
acth (a.m) 69 (10-60)
cortisol (9 a.m) 17.7 (3.7-19.4)
blood platelet count 177 (150-410)
then the doctor give me trt protocol with hcg and Food Supplements
and nothing happend
what went wrong

When you inject once a week, level change a lot.
Anastrozole does not last a week.

Inject T twice a week, half of the dose.
Take anastrozole 0.5mg at time of injections.
250iu hCG SC EOD
ALWAYS do labs half way between injections, not just because you are in doctors office.

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Check overall thyroid function by oral body temperatures as per the thyroid basics sticky.

my mistake not to clarification
i Inject T twice a week Since the beginning (half of the dose)
and the anastrozole Divided into four parts For the week ( sometime up the dosage)
and i cheked my thyroid function ( as the thyroid basics sticky) with 2 doctor and they say its ok

Other information I am 25 old my height 188 cm and my weight is 94 kg
i have no diseases expect the low t
whan i was 16 i had Post traumatic stress after my friend died but it only 4 or 5 months then i moved on
i have some stress now just because my job and insomnia