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One Year of Progress

Vincent D’Onofrio? I dont know who that is, I googled but still no fucking idea!

I’m still the funny guy, thats the one thing my friends say, that i’m still pretty much the same guy, just 130lbs lighter and a bit more confident. Still make people laugh and have good conversation. Probably better on account of not drinking anymore.

Feel great on it. Ab’s are so close, but I need to kick my arse into gear and lose the last bit of fat, then get my damn operation sorted out!


I dont give a damn if this is rate my physique. Im giving you a ten based on your inspirational transformation and getting yourself healthy… Job well done sir, job well done.

hmmmmmmmm…keep on keepin on. A few more years and you will get there

Log available in Alpha Cell. Lost another 30lbs.