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One Year of Progress

Well on June 16th it’ll be one year since I first set foot in a gym and started lifting weights at the giddy heights of 336lbs - 40% bodyfat.

Trained for a year on a 5 day a week deal, 3 Full Body weights sessions (Squat or Deadlift alternate days, Bench, Pull Up now/Row’s in the beginning (either Inverted or BO), Dips and Military Press/Push Press. Little direct arm/ab work, basically if I feel like it then I do it, if I dont, i’ve covered it with the compounds.

Lifts are now

Squat 145kgx5 (Started at 70kg)
Deadlift 160kgx5/180kg(396lb)x1 (Started at 70kg)
Bench 100kgx5/110(242)x1 (Started with 50kg)
Pull Up 8 repsxBW (Started with a 70kg assist)
Dip 12xBW (Started with 65kg assist)

Current weight is 203lbs @ who knows body fat (sub 20% for sure, I reckon around 15%). I have some loose skin issues, hence the belly ‘fat’ in the pictures. Going to cost me Ã??Ã?£5600 to remove, so thats got to be saved for along with some more dieting. If I pull the skin down in the right lighting I can see top two abs clearly, with the middle two there depending on hydration levels. Vascularity fully depends on heat/hydration. This morning for example I was hot and dehydrated and had veins popping, now its a bit cooler and i’ve had food/drink they are all but gone.

Granted I suck at posing, and I still have a way to go including dropping about another 15lbs min of fat, and getting surgery! Main goals for the next year are to increase bench to 140kg, squat to 400lbs for 5, deadlift 440-450 for at least a double. Add mass all over, focus on back, delts and bi’s as areas I want to bring up, but generally add mass everywhere!

Hoping to be around about this weight(200-205), this time next year at sub 10%, good vascularity. Going to focus on adding mass come September I would think.

Another year ago

Back double bi

Terrible MM

Back/Tri pose.

Quads one (They look really shit for some reason, on a good day I can see the old tear drop)

Wheels again

keep up the good work

Great progress. Not much of a physique overall, => did not rate.

Lotta props for sticking with it… now keep going and build something you can be proud of :slight_smile:


Hey SWD,

I think it’s always amazing how much younger people look in the face when they lose weight. Good job on the weight loss, it shows people that you can make a radical change in a year if you stick at it. Now you can start on the road back up!

How’s the new gym working out?

ps. Who’s the girl in the first pic?

great progress. keep it up.

If you can lose all that weight in a year, you can go as far as you want in this game.

Focus on getting strong as fuck, eat clean and come back here in a while and shock everybody.

I fully plan on putting some more weight on,starting in September which give’s me time to come back up from about 180-185.
L&E - The girl in the photo is my friend Jack’s girlfriend. Start at the new gym on July 1st, the membership at the other place runs out on the last day of this month.
I’ve got pretty tough goals for myself this year, but i’m sure i’ll get there or there abouts.

WOW, AWESOME PROGRESS MAN! You’ve done an outstanding job thus far! Keep up the great work, keep adding weight to the bar AND, very important, keep performing the big lifts like you’ve been. The DL, the squat, bench, dips, OH press. Excellent man, excellent!

Do you ever get mistaken for Vincent D’Onofrio? More related to discussing your physique, or rather, progress over a year, I feel you have done very well. Keep up the good work.

Nice work!

i totally nail that bitch in the first pic

You seem like you were a funny guy when you were heavier. Do you find you are as jolly these days at a lower weight?

Congrats man you must feel great.

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