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One Year of Hard Work


never said anything about low weights… every rep of these 4 exercises is pushed to the max… 6-8 reps till failure… ull basically murder the muscle but low volume … and work it 3x a week!


Ah, ok. I was a little sleepy earlier. Family/mother’s day drama in back of mind


I don’t know if I want more muscle, if I want to play sports, decided my place is at home and not a suitcase so I’m :thinking:


haha as i said earlier… do what Suits YOU best… wishin u my best!


Thanks :blush:. Had to go to grocery store and omg, the whole world was there! I hate flowers and boxes of chocolate…I’m a dessert snob, cuz I make my own. I learned the “hard” way that you don’t melt truffle chocolate in a non-stick pan! Plus chocolate has too much caffeine.


haha its fine. i had like 20k calories this weeekend


On Saturday I ate a lb of brisket. I had to graze at it, but was glorious.


haha train to eat!.. im starting intermittent fasting today… worked wonders last year… did keto aswell… with the fasting… starting clenbuterol to kick start the diet…


I’m a freak. I’ve taught myself to never experience the feeling of hunger. So, I honestly can drop or gain…whatever I want. Most woman really are fucking bitches about it. But I am not watching my weight as long as I don’t have to use a knife to cut myself outta my clothes…then I’ll be concerned. I have to buy most my stuff at Victoria Secret.com cuz of my short inseam. Edit eat big, lift big


training now…


Feel the burn :blush:


feel the pumpppp


I got lost with all the talk… Where are dem pics?




Nice work man, very aesthetic.