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One Year of Hard Work

now im 87kgs and im 182cm tall…

You’ve only lifted weights for one year?

Or have you only worked hard for one year?

one year of training only!.. i started hard!.. but this pic was on my 9th month!

lat spread!




doin some chin-ups!

Could you post your stats and routine/diet?

Thanks a bunch!

i used to cycle my carbs… that’s all… and cardio…

You look great keep it up.

this doesnt naturally happen in one year of lifting…unless he is naturally really muscular…got any before pics?


sorry i don’t have before pics… and as i said… all the pics were taken on the 9th month!..

what do ur supplements look like…lookin good btw

Well then kudos to you. Could you post your routine, and diet please?

And do you, by any chance, have a picture of your legs?

Very solid, especially for 1 year of training.

Your back could stand some thickening up…do you deadlift/rack pull/row heavy and on a regular basis?

Its the angles and lighting that give slight illusion that he is bigger then he is. Your obviously lean but you look pretty skinny, and with cloths on I’m sure you wouldn’t look very big to most people.

I would just recommend gaining a bit more weight you have a lot of room that you can do that and you wouldn’t look that fat at all.

Your arms are the only thing really lacking, though I think your legs probably are also.

gave you a 6, good definition and very lean, yet still pretty small and several lagging muscles .

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He also has a ridiculously skinny waist which is a good thing…Good pics.

What does your waist measure?

my waist is 29" … and my legs are great… don’t worry… but i just don’t like posting pics of them :P… and my arms are 43cm!.. which is good i think…

my supps are whey/glutamine/creatine/ZMA

i do heavy deadlift ( romanian )… and i row like an animal :stuck_out_tongue: hehe…