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One Year Goals


right now here are my stats
edit*- age: 19*

Main lifts

Bench 260x4
Dead 270x7
Squat 245x9

standing Military 115x10
rows 155x10

Goals for June 1 2010

Bench 305x5
Dead 350x7
Squat 345x9

rows 215x10
standing MP 200x10

all this around 205-220

just wanted to see if im shooting too low or too high.


Very attainable, but the standing MP will be the hardest to reach.


ya i thought that would be, thanks for response :smiley:


you should be rowing more, but everything else looks fine. thats a big mp


I think your goal for deadlift could definitely be higher. If you're hoping to put 100 lbs on your squat, you should try to put that and more on your deadlift.


ya my rowing numbers are pretty vag but im confident ill put up bigger weight soon..
i think im going to do a logg


i agree, i was writing these goals down next to my calc homework and i had added 100 to DL on my notebook in pencil. but writing 370 on the computer felt kinda ridiculous lol. hopefully i can achieve it. good to hear from u.